Friday, 10 May 2013

Great photographers - Great photos

Some people take great photos, many people take so-so photos, me...well I'm not the world's greatest photographer but I love a nice shot. The photo to the left is by a hobbyist from South Branch, NB - Robert Shortall. I like the mood it represents.

Daniel St Louis, a professional photographer - and a very good one - from Moncton, NB shared this one on Facebook. You can see more of his photos on his page. The next two are his also.

When I was writing my novel, The Dark Side of a Promise, some of the action takes place in Bangladesh because its hosts the world's largest gathering of  Muslim's that meet and pray for Peace, which is important to my storyline.
I wanted to see some photos of the riverine country and discovered an exceptional photographer, Ihtisham Kabir who also shares his photos on Facebook, Here's some of my favourites

And here's the last two - I don't know who the photographer is but they are great shots.

Next week, learn some more about the hero of my upcoming novel, Drake Alexander.

The last post of the month will feature the 4Q Interview, Short & Sweet with Lee Thompson - Executive Director of the Writer's Federation of New Brunswick.

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I love these photos Allan. Thanks