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Guest Author Jorja Dupont-oliva of Florida.

Jorja has been a guest before on the Scribbler and she's back to share some wonderful news. Her novel Sisterly received the finalist award at the American Book Fest

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Jorja DuPont Oliva, author of the Chasing Butterflies Series, has created another realm in her writing quest. Sisterly is her first psychological thriller, with twists and turns like nothing you have read before. A unique plot that will have you addictively turning the pages.


Two sisters, one love.
Confined to one town.
One mistake,
and one house.

To a perfect town where nothing changes, not-so-perfect Janie returns. Determined to make amends with her sister, Brea, Janie finally reveals the hidden reason she left thirty years ago to her first love, Dillon, who is now married to Brea. To add to the chaos, Janie rents a room from a mysterious old black woman only to find unusual guests and a fenced-in backyard that is strictly off limits—with a supernatural legend attached to it. Struggling to make things right while questioning her own sanity, Janie realizes the unbreakable bond with her sister remains and those on the other side of the fence hold the secrets.

Janie Edwards has a dark calling on the verge of revealing itself. She sets out, returning home after thirty years, to make amends with her sister, Brea, and her first love, Dillon McCrane, before they discover her skeleton in the closet—or it discovers them. But there is a problem standing in Janie’s way: Brea and Dillon are husband and wife.
While bracing herself to face Brea, Janie rents a room from Ms. Francis, a mysterious old black woman. Ms. Francis consents to give Janie the room only if Janie helps take care of her guests. Janie agrees—with the assumption these guests are just regular people.
Many perplexities linger around Ms. Francis’ big yellow house, with its odd guests, Janie, and an ever-reliable train passing in the night. Even Ms. Francis has buried secrets of her own. After Janie returns from an unsuccessful visit with her sister, Ms. Francis reveals the biggest secret of all, the sacred back yard.
Guest—or ghost?—Janie struggles to find her own sanity but is desperate to reconcile with her sister before her own secret is exposed.

There is something sacred about that soil in my back yard. When I bought this place, there weren’t no fence.” Ms. Francis shook her head. “Just a story handed down from the town’s old white folks, a supernatural legend. I had to put that fence up to keep people out. People who had lost their loved ones. My house kept filling up with guests.” 

She turned to wipe down the dresser where Marva kept all her jewelry. She stopped again to explain, “They weren’t just guests, which took me a while to figure out; they were the people’s lost loved ones.” She grabbed an unruly blanket from the top of a nearby chest of drawers, neatly folded it, and returned it to the chest’s top. “They were burying the remains back there — mostly their ashes, but sometimes it would be something as simple as a lock of hair.” She chuckled. “One woman even buried her husband’s underwear, and sure enough he showed up, too.” She solemnly added, “I’s not sure why or how, but I knows God always has a reason for it…”

Congratulations Jorja. It must be a terrific feeling to have your work recognized. Thanks for telling us about your book and the excerpt.

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  1. Thank you Allan! For sharing my wonderful news! I truly is an honor to be a guest here on the South Branch Scribbled!


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