Allan Who?

There have been many colorful characters in and out of my life...

The first ten months of my existence was spent in an orphanage in Saint John, New Brunswick. The building is gone now, nothing more than a memory for those that worked and lived there. I don’t remember anything of course; I’m just going by what I’ve been told. My birth mother's name is Helen. I will always love her for giving me a chance at life. She named me Allan.

I was adopted by the Hudson family of South Branch, a small hamlet north of Moncton. At that time, there was my new mother and father, an older brother (also adopted), his wife and three sisters all at home. Needless to say, they spoiled me with love and attention. There was never a moment that I wasn’t made to feel “special”.
My mother and father are gone now, as is my older brother. My sister-in-law and three sisters are all well and they continue to be “very special”.

I can’t tell you that my home was ordinary, which would be a stretch. We had a small country convenience store in the front portion of the house, a gas pump out front. My father was a carpenter, a metal worker, a mechanic, owner and operator of a sawmill in the summer, hunter and trapper of animals in the winter and involved in some more dubious activities when he had a spare moment. (I doubt that was divulged at the adoption agency). My mother was a school teacher and a midwife of sorts and a strict disciplinarian. She taught me from Grade 2 until Grade 6. The school house was across the road from home. I didn’t miss many days.

Graduated from Richibucto Regional High School in 1970, married one of the school cheerleaders in 1972. My son Adam was born in 1976. He’s become a fine young man that I am extremely proud of. Met my current wife Gloria in 1980 when she was serving me at the jewellery store she was working at. She had long curly hair, a gorgeous smile and her eyes were full of merriment. On an impulse I asked her out. Seeing that I was serious, she reminded me that she had a young family before she gave me her phone number. I still try to call her every day when I have the chance, she makes my life full and she makes me laugh. Her boys are terrific.  Chris and Mark have wonderful partners and have given me the gift of grandchildren. All three of “our boys” are exceptional people and I love them dearly. We live in the seaside community of Cocagne, New Brunswick where the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular.

I met my birth mother when I was 33 years old, by accident actually, which is another story for someday perhaps. I met her sister first, my aunt Sheila. If you can imagine a stranger knocking at her door and telling her my story, it would not be a usual occurrence. She confirmed the little that I knew about my mother and asked me if I would like to speak to her. It was the one call I had always thought about making but I was nervous. When Sheila gave me the phone, neither my mother nor I knew what to say. We actually spoke very little but I assured her that I had been brought up by a good family and that I had a very happy childhood. I also told her that if she wanted to leave the past as it was, I would understand but fortunately she called me the next day and invited me to her home. We had a lot of talking to do, lots of questions for each other. One of the most pleasant discoveries was that I had a brother and three sisters. This time I was the oldest. They are kind, generous and loving people. My mother is a wonderful woman.

I’m a restless sort; need change and diversity in my life. I’ve supported myself in a variety of occupations but mostly as a retail and direct salesperson with a ten year stint as a carpenter. I’ve sold office equipment, business forms, paint and wallpaper, clothing, recognition programs, school rings and at present I’m a jewellery consultant for Peoples Jewellers. I’ve been able to travel throughout North America for business and pleasure. My favorite places are Memphis, San Francisco, Corner Brook and Cocagne. My interests include woodworking, stained glass, reading and writing. I’m blessed with a few close friends and many acquaintances.
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