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Imagine a small boy, about eight with big brown eyes and curly dark hair, standing at the fence that divides his grandfather Desjardin's land from his neighbor's. With bug-eyed fascination he watches a group of reservists, bedecked in battle gear, bivouacking near the forest at the end of the properties. He can see the sweat glistening from their brows in the hot afternoon sun; he can smell the diesel fumes from the large camouflaged six-wheelers that rumble through the furrowed fields. "War games", his papere has informed him, warning him to stay out of the way. One of the soldiers spots him along the fence and approaches him. The man is huge and muscled but stares at the boy with the kindest blue eyes.

The C7A1 assault rifle he carries gleams from the fresh bluing upon the barrel and polished stock. He gets close enough to the boy to toss a khaki beret with the Canadian Armed Forces crest blazing from the cap, telling  him to keep it and dream of becoming a soldier. In fact, it inspires the lad to do that very thing and the hat, though tattered now, remains one of his treasured keepsakes.


Thirty years later the boy will be a toughened man with warrior skills hunting the wrong doer that killed his best friend's sister. This is Drake Alexander  and you will
meet him in my novel.
 A promise takes Alexander half way around the globe, from the calm waters of Cocagne Bay to the troubled rivers of Bangladesh. 

Two men seek revenge. Williston Payne for justice, it has been three years since his sister Amber died. Andrew Stratton to appease his tormented soul, six months have passed since his children were slain.

The unlikeliest of source suggests the man who killed Payne's sister is in Bangladesh. The mark inscribed upon the dead sister is similarly etched upon other cadavers. Stratton has ill intentions towards the young country, he's the reason Rizzato is there. 

Alexander, Payne, Detective Gurupada Banerji, PI Mireille Lambert, the Glass twins give chase only to encounter crimes more horrible than they bargained for. 

Alexander knows what he'll do when he finds Rizzato though, he made a promise.

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This is what one reader said about the novel ( from comment box below.):  
 Just finished "Dark Side of a Promise" and will admit to being doubtful if I would make it to the end. Not for any other reason, than it's just not the type of book I would normally read. However, after the fist few chapters, I found myself becoming more and more 'invested' in the characters. They are well developed and, although I might not relate to the strong military type, or the low-life, sadistic type, I found these characters interesting -- probably because they seemed real.

I also enjoyed how the author set the scene, often providing a panoramic view. Sometimes, when they were in the boat on the river and on the way to the airplane hangar site, I could smell the dampness and pictures the terrain, as if I was the one walking through the bush.

There were many a clever turn-of-phrase, so to speak. I probably picked up on these, because I was acutely aware of the writing style, knowing the author, as I do. Still, I was pleasantly surprised at his skill and deft use of words. It's the thing I most enjoy, when reading a book. It separates the writer from the crowd and it's what makes you want to read more of his/her work.

I also appreciated the extent of research and descriptive detail. This is indicative of a writer being deeply committed to his craft. It takes time to research to that extent and this story has history -- both aspects contribute nicely to the depth of this novel.

If I have any criticism, it would be about the last chapter. I think the author might have been attempting to plant a seed of intrigue for the sequel, but I have to confess that it left me feeling like I was missing something -- that I wasn't 'getting it'. Was this NOT the end? Or did I misinterpret something? ...still not sure.

All in all I think this Is really an impressive first novel. Assuming there's another to come, I look forward to reading it.




The Ship Breakers  
There are four major ship breaking yards in the world. This story takes place in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Giant ships of all kinds are dismantled by hand, extremely dangerous work. The Ship Breakers received Honorable Mention in the Kyle Douglas Memorial short story competition sponsored by the Writers Federation of New Brunswick in 2013. In 2015, McGraw-Hill Ryerson selected it to be included in their iLit digital collection.
Lloyd and the Baby  
A fifty-five year old bachelor finds an abandoned baby. What does he do with it?
The Shattered Figurine 
Detective Jo Naylor, is shocked when she discovers the person responsible for the death of three teenage girls. You will be too.
The Two Grumpy Old Men CafĂ© 
Wilmot Parker III and CJ Parker (no relation) are retired and

spend their winters in Florida.  Along with their friend, Taffy

Fitzsimons, they serve breakfast and insults to their guests;

actually it’s CJ that dishes out the insults. Why do they bother

doing this in their retirement years?

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Five engaging short stories that will keep you wanting more by this author.
*Four Boxes of Memories – Lloyd Minister moves to a nursing home with his most important possessions and he can’t take everything with him.
*Reaching the Pinnacle - Grandfather and granddaughter hike the highest mountain in their province. Around the campfire, the young lady has something important to tell her Gramps.
*Pioneers in a Hurry - A fond recollection of three grown men acting like boys on an all-night camping trip. Being mischievous comes naturally.

*Near Dead - Detective Jo Naylor finds herself in the dark. She’s not alone. Someone wants her dead.

*Six Jutlands and a Conestoga - The Verhoeven family have everything they own in a wagon, children and all. The mysterious west beckons.

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                          SHORTS Vol. 3

Letting Go

It has been six months since Lloyd Minister passed away. His son Eugene has to sort through the Four Boxes of Memories his father left behind. What stories will they tell? 

One Bedroom Ark
Noah Coyne owns a convenience store. Widowed and alone, he works the long hours to keep himself occupied. Late one night the last customer only wanted to buy a can of soup but doesn’t have enough change. Making the situation sadder is the baby bundled at her shoulder. 

Two Boys, One Wagon and One Secret.

In the 1950’s nothing touched a young man’s pride like a red wagon. John and Phil (aka Beans and Chops) collect empties on the roadside every Sunday after church. One day they collected something more valuable than a returnable. 

No Dying Today.

Detective Josephine (Jo) Naylor almost died last night if not for her partner Adam Thorne. After being ragged out by their supervisor, they set out to find the man that tried to kill her. 

The Food Bank

There are many people that have too much food. There are many people that go hungry. Food Banks try to balance the two by depending on donations. If you ever visited one, you might be surprised what goes on there.

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