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Good musicians need Geat Producers - Allon McCall

In addition to all the authors and other artists, I’ve been very fortunate to have some very fine musicians as guests on 4Q. Today we look at the studios that turn their dreams to realities. Allon McCall is originally from New York City and is the owner/president of Moncton’s newest music production studio, TheWE Music Productions. Allon is a producer, musician, song writer; he reaches out to fellow artists to assist them in the development of their careers. Allon is a big man, gregarious, big smile, big spirit and he likes watches. His website is listed below.

4Q: It’s obvious that music is very important to you. How did a musician from the Bronx, New York end up in the city of Moncton? Tell us a bit about your journey here.
AM: Wow- where to begin lol. I moved here almost 13 years ago. My son's mother who is from Moncton was 6 months along with my son and we decided to move. I lived here on and off for 8 years. I became a permanent resident 4 years ago. It’s been an interesting transition. It honestly took years to get used to how Moncton is – its people, economy, culture. I think I’m a bit more settled now and accepting the fact that I’m not going anywhere for a while yet.

4Q: How did WE Music Productions come about?

AM: The lack of a serious music scene here has always bothered me. When I first moved to Moncton the music scene was decent- a good amount of venues and bands. I personally had a heavy alt rock band- DELIVERE- we landed a deal in Europe- showing that we had to go outside of Moncton to get a deal. In the past several years it’s taken a huge decline. I’ve met and still meet musicians, singers, artists, actors, dancers, that live here and there aren’t any really opportunities for them to pursue their craft seriously- as in make a living off of their talent – or to reach outside markets. TheWE Music Productions was born out of my desire to help local musicians attain their goals- to be that doorway to bigger markets and opportunities- to be a serious path to success. The other catalyst is the lack of commercial music coming out of the Maritimes – especially Moncton. There are other genres besides Acadian, Country and Folk- all of which have their place- however not everyone likes those genres. There are Rock, Urban, World musicians and music lovers that live here and who deserve to be recognized. This is the market I do and will continue to target in doing business and promoting. 

4Q: Pleas share a childhood memory or anecdote with us.

AM:  Let’s see- well when I was about 4 or 5 my mom told me to clean my room.- So as the story goes, I went to my room and began to “clean” . So my parents come to check up on my progress and the room was tidied up.  Later that evening there was a knock at our front door. It was the neighbors- their driveway was full of toys. Apparently I threw my toys out the window when I was told to clean my room. At 4-5 years old- that made perfect sense to me.  

4Q: What’s in the future for Allon McCall personally, as well as WE Music?

AM: Another loaded question, lol. Personally- I’m just looking to keep moving forward- grow the business, balance both family and business and just be successful.  As for TheWE Music- we have 8 artists signed to the company currently. We have artist management in place as well. We have just released 5 singles  on for nominations for the Music NB Awards. We are releasing EP’s this fall as well as launching our record label- The WE Music Records, our own radio station- The WE Music Radio. We are also launching an online web series called WE Cover- profiling local singers along with a industry showcase for our artists and industry to connect and network.

Thanks so much Allon for taking the time to share your thoughts here at 4Q. Wishing you much success in the future, we‘ll keep an ear to the ground for further developments. Allon’s website is
Photography of Allon and studio is by Dee Sinner.
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