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Guest Author Louise Boulter - Date Night

Louise Boulter lives in Moncton, New Brunswick. Her short stories have been published in the Codiac Chronicles.  
The following was taken from her membership bio of The Writers' Federation of New Brunswick of which she is a member.
Writing (of course), reading, dancing, golfing, yoga, Tai Chi, Art/Drawing. Those are my interests, to name a few.
I often wonder how I used to have time to work – I retired from the Federal Government in 2006. I took a Creative Writing Course at the NBCC Moncton, and that has revived the love of writing that I had when I was a youngster. I am married and have a wonderful son.

Copyright is held by the author. Used by permission.


            Sitting at the table, Susan waited for Michael to arrive. She fidgeted in her chair. Work was important, family responsibilities were essential, but there was nothing more important than this feeling of excitement, the anticipation of what lay ahead. Every Tuesday evening, they met at an out of the way lounge and after a few drinks, would return to her place and do what every couple do in the dark. No, she thought, not what every couple do, but what we have agreed to do. As much as she would have wanted to go out with Michael more often, life always got in the way. So Susan had learned to be satisfied with one special night of the week. It was their night, and had been for the past year.
            Before heading to the club, Susan had carefully applied her make-up and put on her black velvet dress. Its low cut might reveal a bit too much, but she knew Michael would love the way it showed just the right amount of cleavage, enough to make him yearn to see more. The thought of seeing him, his blond hair, his penetrating blue eyes looking into her brown eyes, the thought of the feel of his arms around her when they danced, made her heart race. They always started off this way, every Tuesday evening: having a couple of drinks and then dancing to songs being played by the DJ – especially the slow ones where their bodies moved closer against each other until they became almost one. The anticipation mounted as thoughts of what lay ahead started having its effects on their bodies. They both knew what to expect tonight.
            As she sat at the small table, looking up at the door whenever she heard it open, she felt a familiar warmth rise in her body. Yes, she knew he was married, and she did not care.
It had been a busy day. It always was busy on Tuesdays. She
had gotten up this morning, had prepared breakfast, cleaned her house and went shopping. She had bought a red negligee to surprise Michael. Susan wondered if she would have time to wear it tonight. In the afternoon she had worked on her novel, something she loved doing.
            One day, she thought, I will show it to Michael and have him give me feedbacks. She had not told Michael, but she was working on a novel about their relationship, having altered the names of the couple, of course. She had already published two books with Harlequin Romance and this would be her third. She wondered what Michael would think of the steamy love scenes. She always wrote the steamiest parts on Wednesdays, after their lovemaking of the previous night. Writing about what they had done was her way of keeping the memories of the previous night alive.
Shortly after five, Susan had taken a leisurely bath, lighting a few candles. Looking at the soap bubbles barely covering her breasts, thoughts of Michael’s hands cupping them prevented her from relaxing. She got out of the tub, put on her bathrobe and went to the bedroom where she smoothed the bed sheets and fluffed the pillows. Some Tuesdays, she would buy roses and spread the petals on the bed, leaving a sweet scent in the air. She knew Michael worked until seven and would undoubtedly be picking up a bottle of her favorite wine or perhaps a bouquet of flowers. Every week, he had something special for her. He always kept the gift for later, much later.
Tonight she had a surprise for Michael. She had bought him a pocket watch, not only as an anniversary gift, but as a reminder of how she cherished their time together. The past year had been her salvation and she knew, instinctively, it had also been Michael's.
Susan wondered if it would be as special if they met more often. But no, she knew he had other responsibilities, other matters needing his attention. The fact he was such a devoted husband and loved his wife in ways only a wife could understand – from fixing the broken tap in the kitchen, replacing the burnt-out light bulb in the bathroom, to mowing the lawn - the many things husbands do for their wives, only made her love him more. Yes, thought Susan, his wife is one lucky lady. But tonight is our night, a night of no responsibilities, of no thoughts of wives, husbands, or household chores. She needed these Tuesdays.
            Michael was thinking the same thing.
Yes, as much as I love my wife and my work, as much as I love taking care of her,  I NEED my Tuesdays with Susan. Without them, I do not think I could get through each week. These weekly dates with Susan were something Michael looked forward to, something he needed in order to get through the long six days before the following Tuesday.
            As Michael parked his car in the lot behind the club, he knew who was waiting for him. He was aware Susan knew he was married to a lovely wife who doted on him, two children who were his pride and joy. His marriage was a happy one; it was his reason for living at times. But tonight and every Tuesday night for the past year, had become his escape, his one night away from all the responsibilities his job and his marriage brought. A good marriage takes a lot of work, he thought. Work he was willing to do, because he loved his wife. But he also needed this diversion. He was glad Susan understood this.
            As he made his way inside the lounge, he spotted Susan sitting by herself, at their usual table.  How he adored this lady. She had been willing to go along with anything he asked of her, no questions asked. He felt he was the luckiest man alive. Michael had heard the saying ‘live for the moment’ and this evening was the moment he had been waiting for all week.
            “Hello Susan” he said as he sat down next to her. “And how was your day?”
            She looked into the eyes of the man she loved more than life itself. “I had a great day Michael. It was busy, but you know I am never too busy for you. The very thought of meeting you tonight is what made my today special.”
          The waitress approached their table and asked what they wanted to drink. Susan had opted to wait for Michael before ordering. They placed their usual order. The waitress knew this couple well. They had been customers of hers for almost a year and they would leave a hefty tip before they left. She wondered about them. They seemed to have a certain connection. They also seemed so much in love, and yet, she somehow suspected they had some kind of secret between them. Something she could not quite put her finger on. Maybe it was because they preferred to sit at the same table at the back of the lounge, away from the other customers, away from prying eyes. She had seen many rendez-vous in her time as a waitress, but they usually lasted one night, two nights maybe, even a month or more. But this couple, they seemed so much in love. Plus the fact that even after all these months, they still came separately, the woman arriving first, then the man. There was just something about them which fascinated her. She instinctively knew they were not your normal dating couple. But who was she to judge?

            “To you, my dear.” Michael said, raising his glass and touching Susan’s.
            “And how was your day Michael?” Susan asked.
“Oh same as usual – you know, a meeting this morning, working on my environmental impact report this afternoon.”
            “And what are your plans for later?” hoping the question sounded seductive. Michael replied with a simple ‘You.’ Susan blushed.
            After they finished their second drink, a slow romantic song started playing and Michael took her hand and led her to the dance floor. In the past year, they had taken private ballroom dance lessons. Their favorite was the rumba. As Susan slowly rubbed against Michael, she knew this was but a prelude to what was to come. They skipped the faster songs, knowing they needed to save their energy for what would come later. Finally, at around nine, they left the club and made their way to their respective cars.
            Once they reached her house, Susan parked her car in the garage while Michael parked his in the driveway. Together they made their way into the house.
Michael sat on the couch in the living room while Susan poured two glasses of wine. She knew they would soon be going to the bedroom. She knew what would happen and she felt a weakness in her knees. Michael is so good in bed, Susan thought, better than he realizes. Their foreplay often brought Michael to the brink, yet Michael always held back. He wanted her to enjoy every minute of their lovemaking. But more, he wanted to make sure Susan was ready before they finally joined in a union beyond anything either of them had experienced with anyone else. How he loved this woman. How she loved this man.
            Afterwards, Susan lay in the comfort of his arms. She smiled, the afterglow still on her face. It seemed she had been transported to another universe and was just now returning to earth.
            After a few minutes, Michael got up and walked over to where his clothes lay on the chair by the door to the bedroom. He put his hand in his coat jacket and took out a box. He went back to the bed and looked at Susan, his Tuesday night lover for the past year. He held the box in his hand and opened it. Susan gasped.
“Marry me darling?”
Susan looked at the diamond ring. “Oh yes Michael – but when ........and how?”
Michael looked deep into her eyes. “Let us go to the balcony Susan – we will say our wedding vows here, tonight, in the company of the angels who have blessed us since we first met. In front of the moon and the stars, the heavens themselves will bless us and pronounce us man and wife.”
Susan looked at this man who was her whole world.
“What about your wife?” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.
“She will understand.” Michael laughed. “Susan, tonight let us renew our wedding vows under the beauty of the night sky.”
Susan looked at her husband and felt more love than she had felt on their wedding day 40 years before.
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  1. What a great story, Louise. You had me. I'll admit, you had me all the way. Good job. Date night indeed.:)

    1. I agree Lockie. A wonderful surprise.

    2. Thanks Lockie and Allan - guess I accomplished what I tried to do. ~Louise


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