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....helps you find new authors....this is the second series of the Class Act Publishing assemblage. Meet three more storytellers.

Class Act Books is a royalty-paying publisher of electronic and trade paperback novels and novellas, with the goal of providing quality fiction at a reasonable price in all media: paperback (available exclusively on the publisher's website), Kindle, pdf, Mobi, and eBook.

After coming under new ownership in 2013, the publishing commitment was changed from only romance to all genres and they now feature Westerns, Adventure, SciFi, M/M, and Horror among their titles. Class Act Books offers standalone novels as well as series, and features award-winning authors. Titles are available on the website as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. They are also featured on the UK, French, German, Japanese and Italian versions of


Kenneth Gordon lives in Milford, NH. When he isn’t writing SciFi-infused horror novels, he plays PC games, electric and acoustic guitars, and drums. He also holds a brown belt in Kung Fu.


Ken has written five SciFi/Horror novels for Class Act Books: Dark City, Cadre of Vampires, Harmonic Convergence, In My Blood, and Dirus Sonus.



Excerpt from Dark City: 
“I’ve been promoted. I am now in my boss’ position.” Joe flailed his arms with glee.

“That’s great. Congratulations!” they all said in unison.

“Where’s Joe?”

“I don’t know. He just left. An appointment I guess,” Sarah responded.

“The ’droids are settin’ things up, so I’ll stay out of their hair for a bit.” Something was off, but he couldn’t pin it down. “I’ll find him,” he told himself and bolted for his new office.

The androids had done their work quicker than expected, and Jeremiah’s office was quiet when he got there. He had to use the scanner to get in. Immediately, he was taken aback. On his desk were pictures of his family that he didn’t put there. Setting that thought aside for the moment, he jacked into the phone system and sent the sequence to dial.

 He called Joe’s office. No answer. A moment later, he called the central office to see if Joe could be located.

The automated attendant replied, “We are sorry, that person is no longer employed at this company.”

A sense of panic raised the hair on the back of his neck. Immediately, he ran with every ounce of strength to his friend’s office. It was empty. No trace that Joe worked thereor had ever worked there was found. It was swept clean.


“Maybe I went to the wrong place,” he thought. “All these offices look the same.”

To his own chagrin, he knew too well the location of his friend’s office. The paranoia built to a steady state when, upon finding his other compatriots, they had no knowledge

that Joe had ever been part of their group. Jeremiah’s heart sank. He even checked the payroll office and no trace of his friend could be found.

There was no mistake. Joe had been intentionally erased.

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Icy Snow Blackstone was born in 1802, in northern Georgia where her father, the Reverend John Blackstone, was prominent in local politics. Two hundred and five years later, her great-great-great-great-granddaughter began using her name as a pseudonym for her romance novels. The present Icy Snow Blackstone lives far from her Southern roots in Lancaster County, Nebraska, where she continues to write romances.  Her novel Tuesday’s Child was award Best in Contemporary Romance by the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Critics Choice in 2014, while her SciFi romance Earthman’s Bride won first in the Maryland Romance Writer’s “Reveal Your Inner Vixen” Contest. Her Three Moon series has won awards as a series and also for individual novels. Icy Snow currently has eleven novels published by Class Act Books.


Excerpt from Three Moon Station:


“Mr. Trant. I guess we’d better have that talk now,” she began and he nodded soberly. “There’s so much we need to discuss. W-we haven’t even talked about how much I’ll be paid.”

 “What would you consider fair payment, Katy?” He asked it very softly, his expression serious.

“I guess that’s up to you. What do you think my services are worth?”

“Truthfully? I doubt I have that much money.” He looked a little flustered. “The women in town…at Larkin’s…ge’ ten Federals per toss, so…”

“I’m sorry,” Katy interrupted. “What’s a toss?”

“Maybe they call it something else on Terra.” He startled her by seizing her shoulders, saying with an earnestness that made her frown, “Katy, I want you to know I’ll ne’er holdyour old life against you.”

She smiled at this statement of reverse snobbery. Since she had no intention of ever letting him know that her uncle was one of the richest and most criminally unscrupulous men on Terra’s Northern Hemisphere, she didn’t answer.

“How about you pay me five hundred credits a month? For services rendered?”

“What kind of services?” he asked, suspiciously.

“The usual kind.” She shrugged, wondering why he looked even more confused. “I think we should get one thing straight, though. I’m grateful for your saving me from Alwin Marsten, and I fully intend to uphold my end of the Agreement and work hard for you b-but…” Taking a deep breath, she pulled herself free of his grasp. “I won’t sleepwith you.”
“Na right now, you mean.” He didn’t look too upset.

“Not ever.” She shook her head, adding, “I’m sorry.”

“’Tis I who’s sorry, Sunshine, most definitely. But I do na understand. If you intend to adhere to that contract, how can you refuse to—”

“I’m certain the Federation didn’t send me here to satisfy the lust of some sex-starved colonist, Mr. Trant.”

“Is that what you think I am? A sex-starved colonist?”

He didn’t look insulted as she expected, just a little more bewildered.

 She took a deep breath. He’d obviously expected it to be so easy. “I’ll be a good housekeeper, Mr. Trant but I just won’t sleep with my employer. I can’t.”

“Employer?” he repeated. “That’s what you think I am? Your employer?”

 “Of course,” she nodded. “You hired me to be your housekeeper—”

He stopped whatever else she was going to say, by laughing out loud. “Sunshine, I’m na your employer. I’m your husband.” 

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Jeremy Higley was born in California, raised in Alabama, and now lives in Arizona. As of 2016, he's a graduate student working on a master’s degree in English, as well as an instructional aide at a local elementary school, a novelist, and a contributing editor for a nonprofit student success company called LifeBound. Jeremy’s debut novel with Class Act Books is The Son of Dark, the first book in the Darksome Thorn series, a young adult fantasy. 

Excerpt from The Son of Dark:

Marga pointed to the south. Zar didn’t turn, but he heard a gasp of recognition from Skel.


“Aja-aja,” he said with concern. “Three of them, about two miles away.”

Zar sighed in trepidation. The aja-aja were rare, enormous snakes prowling the Eltar plains, preying on elephants and any herders foolish enough to attack them. They had three heads each and stocky, powerful bodies to match, and could grow to over forty feet long. They killed and then predigested their prey by spitting streams of corrosive poison from their mouths.

“The aja-aja will be no problem,” he bluffed, staring into Marga’s eyes. “I have two magic-users with me now, a wizard and a Phage. They’re perfectly capable of dispatching a few overgrown snakes.”

“If so, then I’ll simply have to wait longer to be reunited with my precious one,” the Wyvern said, eyeing the flattened snake corpses around her.

Something inside Zar began to burn like a fuse at the words “precious one.”

“You knew her before, I presume,” he continued, his voice much quieter. “Before you kidnapped her, I mean, and took over her mind.”

“She was mine to take,” the Wyvern retorted through Marga’s lips. “She was always mine to take.”

The last words hissed from Marga’s mouth like a challenge. Zar’s fingers wrapped around his sword’s hilt. He wanted nothing more at this moment than a way to strike at

his enemy, but the Wyvern was far, far away.

“If you want her,” Zar said, “you’ll have to kill me.”

“Too risky,” the Wyvern replied. “You crave nothing more than to die for her. To kill you might break my grip.”

“If you don’t kill me she will never truly be yours,” Zar said. He walked to within an arm’s length of her. “As long as there’s breath in me, I will always be fighting to freeher.” 


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