Wall of War

January 11/2018
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Allan Hudson http://bit.ly/wallofwar

"Great storyline woven with historical facts, engaging characters and rich descriptions! Altogether, a great read!"

April 1, 2018
L.Lombard - author of Ebo & Night Orchid. 

"A magnificent discovery leads Drake Alexander and his team to follow a trail of greed and murder in this excellent crime-solving novel. Kudos to Allan Hudson for a fast-paced, intriguing page turner."

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Deep in the wilderness of the Peruvian Andes lies a monument hidden for centuries. Who were the builders? Why was it abandoned? What secrets does it reveal?

In 1953, an amateur rock climber makes a startling discovery. Overwhelmed by the choices he must make, the mountaineer completes his ascent deciding he will document his findings and present them to his superiors as soon as possible. It will take another fifty years before anyone reads what he wrote.

In 2004 when news of the strange revelation reaches Drake Alexander, he will become involved whether he likes it or not. People very near to him are plunged into a nightmare of avarice, impairment and death. Using all his skills as an ex-soldier, with accomplices he can trust, can he save his tormented friends from the raiders that thirst for the secret that lies within the mountains?

Available at Amazon, Cover to Cover Books in Riverview, Cocagne Variety in Cocagne, NB and from the author.

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