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Karin Nicely is the president and lead editor of Seren Publishing Co., Inc. She provides copyediting, developmental editing, proofreading, and project management services along with writing workshops, consultation, and coaching. 

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The Editor's Edge

January 1, 2021.

Help! I Can’t Turn Off Editor Mode


When people learn I am an editor, they often ask if I’ve read this bestseller or that inspirational book. And my answer for a long time has been, “Well, no…I read manuscripts and research materials all day for work, so I hardly ever read for pleasure anymore.” I would also add that it is difficult for me to just read a book (or magazine article, website text, business communication, etc.) without editing it in my mind.

But recently, I was going through some things in a closet and came across a stack of books—one of those “when I have time” stacks we book lovers like to populate our homes and offices with. I picked up a paperback, read the intriguing back-cover text, then turned to Chapter One. As I pored through that chapter and the next, I suddenly realized I was (gasp!) reading for fun. I was getting into the characters and anxiously turning the pages to see what happened next. Now, does that mean I didn’t notice the occasional typo, awkward phrasing, or redundancy? Of course not. But I wasn’t getting bogged down by them, either. The sheer joy of being immersed in the story was propelling me through it all.

Therefore, I have realized that I absolutely should read for enjoyment much more often. After all, my love of reading is what got me into this profession in the first place. Whether it’s a fantasy novel, a paranormal mystery, or a tome on the odd creatures of the ocean’s depths, books can still produce excitement, wonder, and joy, even for me—no, especially for me.

As long as I remember to turn off my Editor Mode.

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  1. I'm definitely not an editor, but I find that discovering several typos or even formatting issues will put me off enjoying a book. I find this happens more with self-published books.

  2. Thank you for visiting and your comment. The odd error has never stopped me from enjoying a novel but warns us that we must do our best to present the best copy we can.

  3. I agree. And many times, clients have hired me to edit a previously released book after having received positive comments on the story itself and negative comments on readability due to distracting typos, grammatical errors, or even awkward sentence structure.


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