The Shattered Series. Jo Naylor.

Book one.


Detective Josephine Naylor receives an email telling her where to find the last body. The messenger tells her "only you can stop this madness". Discovering a shattered figurine on the corpse, she's overwhelmed by the possibility it might be the one she sold in a yard sale. If so, she knows who the killer could be. She prays that she's wrong.

Excerpt from Chapter 1.

Josephine Naylor, shoulders slumped, stares down at the frozen corpse. Even though rime disguises the otherwise naked body, the Detective knows it is the missing teenager. The remains are female, about five feet, maybe a hundred pounds without the frost. And the body has been left in the same position as the two previous victims: face up, ankles and hands neatly tucked together, bound with duct tape. The same parts are missing.

This regrettable murder left no doubt in Jo’s mind that the killer is the same person, based on the method of execution. Forensics had confirmed as much with the second body. That murder had brought forth the criminal psychologists to create a profile that would tell them what type of individual might commit such a crime. The scene before her is, therefore, extremely important, so she stands well away. She is still able to discern an unusual shape upon the victim’s forehead, which, once uncovered from its icy envelope, will likely prove to be a piece of broken crystal similar to those found in the same spot on the pale dead skin of the two other bodies. 

Review for Shattered Figurine by James Fisher - Editor-in-Chief of the Miramichi Reader.

"Allan Hudson's eBook The Shattered Figurine shows that a good mystery-thriller can be written in the short fiction format. Of course, the timeline is condensed to move the story along quickly, but all the action is here, and action is what Mr. Hudson excels at. Detective Jo Naylor and her partner Detective Constable Adam Thorpe are given the green light to go rogue and find a trio of killers who are out to kill them as well. Can't buy a better thrill for the price of a coffee and a donut!"

A review for Shattered Figurine by Author Caleb Pirtle III. Thank you. "A fast-paced and suspenseful with characters who are vibrant with a storyline that is both haunting and beautiful."

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Book Two

February 02, 2021

 Shattered Lives.

Jo Naylor is on the run. Wanted back in Canada for questioning regarding her father’s suicide. She has no intention of returning. With a new identity, she takes up temporary residence in a foreign country.

She may not be a detective any longer but once a cop, always a cop. A distraught woman pleads with Naylor to find her daughter. Should she help? She doesn’t know anyone in Thailand, doesn’t know the geography but that doesn’t stop Naylor from sticking her nose where it shouldn’t be.

Naylor and her new sidekick, an orphaned girl, join up with a local PI. There’s more than a missing child at stake.

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A 5 star review from MJ LaBeff, author of the Cold Case Series.

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Former detective Jo Naylor is on the run and finds a whole lot of trouble in paradise when she saves a young girl from the clutches of a predator. She becomes a temporary guardian to the orphaned girl and a special bond between the two is easily formed. When another girl is taken her mother pleads to Jo for help- who can’t say no despite the limitations she faces. Jo enlists the help of a PI who like her isn’t a woman to be underestimated. Together they uncover a crime ring that runs deeper than either could anticipate and puts both of them in danger.

Jo’s take no prisoners attitude, relentless pursuit of justice, and fearless fight against the men she encounters is an action-packed adventure. The author’s snappy writing and spot-on pacing makes this mystery a perfect page-turner.

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Book Three

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