Shattered Lives

February 02, 2021

 Shattered Lives.

Book two in the Jo Naylor adventure series. 

Jo Naylor is on the run. Wanted back in Canada for questioning regarding her father’s suicide. She has no intention of returning. With a new identity, she takes up temporary residence in a foreign country.

She may not be a detective any longer but once a cop, always a cop. A distraught woman pleads with Naylor to find her daughter. Should she help? She doesn’t know anyone in Thailand, doesn’t know the geography but that doesn’t stop Naylor from sticking her nose where it shouldn’t be.

Naylor and her new sidekick, an orphaned girl, join up with a local PI. There’s more than a missing child at stake.

Available at Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

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Shattered Figurine.

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