Friday, 29 January 2016

4Q Interview with Ivan "Doc" Holliday. Star of Roadhouse Rehab

Ivan 'Doc' Holiday  is the special guest on this month’s 4Q Interview. Originally from New Brunswick, Canada, Doc is a resident of Daytona, Florida and is the cooler (head bouncer) at the Riverside CafĂ© in Vero Beach. He is also a published author of a training video & four books – The Bouncer’s Bible, The Cooler's Grimoire, Sun Tsu & the Art of Bouncing & The Bouncer's Bible 2nd Edition.  An amateur bodybuilder who’s most recent accomplishment is third place at the Daytona Classic BodybuildingChampionship Over 50 Masters class. Bouncer, biker, singer/songwriter, psychotherapist, philosopher, & avid cigar smoker, Doc is also the creator of the upcoming reality show Roadhouse Rehab and is being featured in a French International television documentary  '24 hours-Danger' as the #1 cooler in the world.


4Q: You have recently posted about a television program planned for the near future where your vision for a reality show based on your experience as a club bouncer will receive worldwide coverage. Tell us what is coming.

DH:  The show is called '24 hours - Danger' a French Canadian documentary.

The TV5 people at Groupe PVP productions approached my agent Erik Di Somma and said that they and their network partners at TV5 Monde in France found eight top bouncers in the world. They said they picked me over the 2nd choice, a large 300lb Japanese bouncer/sumo wrestler working at a Yakuza nightclub in Japan, based on charisma, film presence & expertise in the trade. We spent 4 days shooting in Daytona beach and Vero beach.  It was a tough grueling shoot schedule but we got it done. On February 11th at 9pm the show will air worldwide. Half the show is about the bodyguards in Haiti working the election & the other half is me doing what I do best.

4Q: You have a strenuous bodybuilding regime and have reached recognition by being selected third place in your first contest. How did that feel?

DH: It was so great. At 57 years old and able to look in the mirror and see a 6-pack for the first time in your life is life changing! It makes you feel not only youthful to a point but born again!  It all started 6 years back when I was discovered and shot my first test/sizzle reel with the very famous wildlife director Peter Von Puttkramer of Gryphon Productions. I learn fast that the camera adds 20lbs!! I began training hard with bodybuilding & boxing to drop fat and gain muscle. Over a period of 6 years I have shot 4 sizzle reels & a music video with 4 different productions companies. Each time pushing myself to be the BEST. Always striving to be better on camera and in better physical condition. I went from 230lbs -26% bodyfat to now 197lbs - 8% bodyfat. Now I not only feel like the world's #1 cooler but look the part even more. The camera doesn't pull any punches..what you see is what the viewing audience judges you on and more than ready.

4Q: Tell us a childhood anecdote or fond memory.

DH: I have been a boxer for 47 years. Every morning I go to my backyard and train. My sparring partner Tray drops by for a few rounds and I also teach boxing to troubled teens on occasions. My idea of Rational Emotive Therapy..we box and talk. I tell my kids that the jab in boxing is like life...always gonna be in your face waiting to set you up for the knockout.  I am very particular about who I teach and who I invite to my home. Every time I wrap my hands my mind goes back to Bob Edgett's Boxing club and my Uncle Tommy Hudson. Thought not really my uncle, I loved him like one & enjoyed learning the art of boxing from these two mentors. Bob was a great man & I am honored to have been a member of this boxing club. Uncle Tommy's son's Tom Jr. & Jack were top notch golden gloves fighters but Uncle Tommy always took time to work with the slow southpaw kid who didn't catch on as fast as the other kids. Uncle Tommy would say ' you ain't awkward your different..Marvin Johnson was a great southpaw champion. & you'll be even better!' I later in life learned to box orthodox finding out that I was left eye dominant but right-handed. These lesson's I learn from Uncle Tommy and Bob Edgett have carried me though the tough fights in my life. Whether in the ring or in some bar the skills I learn have molded me into the man I am today. I'm very proud to be half-Hudson from my mother's side of the family...great boxing family name in our area.

4Q: Tell us about your reality show.

DH: Over 90% of all Lawsuits filed against a nightclub or bar are a direct result of over -excessive and untrained security personnel.  Roadhouse Rehab will be an American show that stars myself - Ivan 'Doc' Holiday, Professional Cooler / Bouncer. At 57 years old, I have worked over 200 nightclubs & bars in both Canada, US & the UK, a career spanning 34 years.
Accepted worldwide as a leading authority in the field of Nightclub & Bar security today, in the Roadhouse Rehab series, I  travel around the USA & the world employing my expertise to establishments that serve alcohol & entertainment to the public with security problems. Problems like aggressive bouncers who like to start fights, drinking or doing drugs on the job, sexually harassing females, perform illegal sex, let girl's underage in the club and the list goes on. Once the bouncer's are trained, I go hands-on to help the new & improved security team use their new skills to get the club's troublemakers under control.
Each episode will involve a different type of establishment with different types of music, bouncers and customers. Strip clubs, Rave clubs, Gay bars, Biker bars, Rock bars, Country & Western clubs, saloons, roadhouses, pubs, taverns, Cabaret Bars, Karaoke Bars, Sports Bars, and the list goes on. Event Security, Band Security & Private Security venues add another dimension to the mix. The one thing they have in common, is if they serve alcohol &/or entertainment to the public...they need Security.

The reward is the establishment gets new security gear, Security shirts, security radios, flashlights. The clubs get a new security camera system, & professionally trained  certified security staff.


Thank you Doc for taking the time to share your thought and ideas on the Scribbler. For more information on what is happening with Mr. Holiday’s future, go here
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