Vigilantes - Cover Reveal 08/21


Cover reveal. August 1 2021

Available soon. Watch for details.

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The third book in the Drake Alexander Series.

The master vintner at Chateau Lambert Estates, Jean-Paul Chouinard, stares up the rise at the family cemetery, where the darling of the house was laid to rest yesterday. The grave site is surrounded by four men and a woman. The people whose service Mireille Lambert was in when she died. One of them was her lover. One of them is Drake Alexander.

Chouinard knows what they do. He knows who Alexander is. He hears the whispers. Vigilantes.

He grieves knowing the brothers who are responsible for his daughter’s death twenty years ago have not been apprehended. Maybe it’s been too long. Maybe the brothers are already dead. Maybe, if he asked, Alexander and his people could find them.

Book 1 & 2 of the Drake Alexander Series.

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Wall of War

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Dark Side of a Promise.

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