Saturday 1 October 2022

Winter Paths - An Anthology

 Monumental. Remarkable. Extraordinary. Historic. Colossal. (Love those words!)


Winter Paths

An Anthology.


A year in the making and soon to be published

October 31, 2022

 We're anxious to share the good news. 

From the back cover:

Nine writers – Seasonal Collective - from both sides of the Atlantic, including best-selling and award-winning authors, have created a second miscellany of stories.

From the frozen north, across continents, space and time, these stories will mystify, enlighten, intrigue and perhaps bring a tear to the eye.  With a linking theme of winter - in all its guises - experience the warmth of friendly hearts, find companionship and place, encounter battles, uncover secrets, meet ghosts and witness the strength of maternal love.

There’s a story for everyone in this thrilling new collection.

Introduction - Eden Monroe

Snowdrift - Sandra Bunting

Melvin- Pierre C. Arseneault

The Path to Healing - Chuck Bowie

Zebu - S. C. Eston

Marguerite - Angela Wren

The Weight of a Snowflake - Monique Thebeau

The Abyssinian - Jeremy Thomas Gilmer

The Road of Life - Allan Hudson

Click Clack - Angella Cormier

A terrific follow-up to Autumn Paths.

Review of AP by Author Sally Cronin: 

“Although the theme of all the stories is ‘Autumn’ the stories showcase a number of genres including sci-fi, YA, thriller, mystery and dystopian. This provides an excellent collection with something for everyone... and an introduction to genres you perhaps might not read normally. The authors did a wonderful job creating engaging and thought-provoking stories around the central theme.”

 Review by Author MJ LaBeff: 

“The short stories in this collection are a mix of genres, including mystery, romance, historical, sci-fi, and adventure. They share a common theme regarding life’s paths either taken or to be taken. Don’t let the title Autumn Paths mislead you! These snappy, well-written tales are sure to delight no matter the season.”


Read more reviews HERE.


If you love short stories, add this one to your list.

Or add both!

Watch here for more details.

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