Saturday 22 October 2022

The Story Behind the Story with Tawnya Torres of the Pacific Northwest.


The release of a book is a great reason to celebrate.

 This week we share the excitement with Tawnya about her novel – A Silent Discovery - which was released a few days ago. 

The story sounds captivating, and I'm sure it will be a great success.

Read on as she tells us about herself and the story.




I'm a half white half Asian girl living in the Pacific Northwest. When I'm not writing, I'm hanging out by the beach with my dog. I was born to service industry parents and work in the industry myself. Right now I do a little bit of everything in a coffee shop and bakery that overlooks the river but I’ve always been attracted to the arts. When I was a kid I thought I was going to grow up to be a painter or comic book artist but it turns out I’m better at writing. 



Working Title: A Silent Discovery

Synopsis: Being a mute princess isn’t easy, especially as the oldest of four sisters. Amadeus Sloane has to be wed first in order for her siblings to get married. Her sister Adrian is resentful and cruel as is her mother. Adrian constantly terrorizes Amadeus for her affliction. Her other sisters Penelope and Margaux keep their distance due to the family’s broken nature. Queen Kathryn makes Amadeus feel worthless. Every time a suitor rejects Amadeus her mother acts harshly, driving the silent princess further into despair.

         Her father was a great king but died during the chimera wars when she was a child. Because of this the kingdom of Syrosa no longer fights their own battles, they outsource to other armies and pay swords for hire. Syrosa is a wealthy kingdom but lacks integrity. After many rejections Amadeus is worried her mother’s wrath may be more than she can bear.

         The baby sister Margaux has been sneaking into the woods to meet with a human-animal hybrid which is forbidden. Amadeus catches Margaux with the deer boy but keeps her secret. Only when the queen realizes Margaux hasn’t bled in three months is she found out and kicked out of the castle. Amadeus becomes closer with her sister Penelope only for her to die from illness.

         Alone with Adrian and their mother brings on an incomprehensible hurt. Not like having to have a wedding and funeral the same day. Amadeus is informed the chimeras are back and the great warlord Kade of Tessafaye has agreed to take her hand in marriage as payment for fighting in their place. This frightens Amadeus and she worries Kade may be more brutal than her own family. The rumors say the warlord is a merciless man with windswept hair and eyes the color of desert sand. He leaves for the war right after their wedding. Their relationship confuses Amadeus but she waits for his return. She is nervous when he comes to retrieve her but is glad he kept his promise to come back for her. He takes her to his land where she finds herself happy and accepted although she isn’t sure if she trusts Kade. She waits for the day he will abuse her–but he never does. An unlikely match falls in love despite it being an arranged marriage and together they find truth in the silence.

The Story Behind the Story: I started writing after I lost my job for the second time during the pandemic. Determined to overcome my trauma, I worked hard on my mental and physical health. It was cathartic for me. I used images and emotions inspired by my EMDR therapy sessions. A Silent Discovery is the 5th book I’ve written, but the first to be published. I wanted to write an expressive character with no dialogue, creating the main character Amadeus, who is mute.


Find more info HERE



A question for you before you go, Tawnya:

What is your favorite part of writing and the part you enjoy the least?


I love exploring the characters and crafting their personality, diving into their emotions, or the world they live in. I find editing dreadfully boring but it’s a must!



Thanks for being our guest this week, Tawnya. Wishing you lots of success with your novel and writing journey.


And another BIG thank you to all our visitors and readers. You folks are THE BEST!

What is your favourite novel? Your favourite Author? 

Please leave us a comment & thank you again.

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