Saturday, 8 April 2017

Guest of the week is Nature Photographer Robert Shortall

Capturing Nature’s Beauty!


The Scribbler has something different this week with Guest Robert Shortall from Richibucto Village, New Brunswick. Robert spent much of his career in the hardware and building supplies business before retirement but since then he has taken advantage of his love for the outdoors, kayaking and nature photography. He has agreed to a 4Q Interview and to talk about his hobbies and share some of his beautiful photos.

 *All photos are by Robert. Copyright on all photos is owned by Robert Shortall. Used with permission.

4Q: Tell us when you became serious about taking pictures and what draws you to the outdoors, early morning kayaking  and your favorite subject of the many beautiful birds in our province.

RS:  I believe an active life style brings good health. Nature photography became a big part of my life, when I took retirement, in June 2015. Finding the beauty in the world and sharing it with family and friends, is a great source of joy and a constant teacher.  Exploring nature keeps a person active. The photograph bug bit me about ten years ago when I happened to have a camera in the vehicle, when I came across an albino porcupine, near Rexton. What was a hobby, has become a passion.


4Q: Please tell us about your National Geographic page and how our readers can gain access to it.

RS: Early in January 2016, I started submitting photos to National Geographic. They have a website or photographers around the world, called Your Shot. I have seen incredible photos on there and have had people from around the world like my photos. I like that National Geographic allows photographers to keep their copy right for their photos. My chances of winning the lotto are probably better than my chances of having a photo chosen, to be published in National Geographic but I am trying anyways.


4Q: Please share a childhood memory or anecdote with us.

RS: A school field trip to the Kouchibouguac National Park. Before enjoying the park, we were told that the motto of exploring nature was “Take Only Photos, Leave Only Foot Prints”. What wonderful ideals to give to people. Those words have stuck with me.

4Q. I understand that you will be involved in a program called Lunch & Learn at the Moncton Public Library. Please tell us about the program and your experience with it.

RS: On April 19, 2017 I will do a presentation on birds and nature photography at the Moncton Public Library. They have a program called Lunch & Learn. People bring their lunch to the library and eat during the noon hour, while listening to different speakers.  I will be talking about feeding birds, watching birds at the feeders, the evolution of watching at the feeders to watching in the field and photographing them. I use a point and shoot camera, as opposed to a DSLR (professional camera), so I don’t have knowledge on those cameras.

Thank you Robert for taking the time to share your thoughts and your exceptional photos. If anyone have any questions for Robert, you can reach him at
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