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Guest Author Aurora Jean Alexander.

This week the Scribbler has a guest all the way from Nashville, Tennessee. Aurora has exciting news to share with us, and she has agreed to participate in a 4Q Interview and share an excerpt from her new novel – Soul Taker. See below for links.

My name is Aurora Jean Alexander. I grew up in a family involved in politics and was blessed with an excellent education in several countries, holding a bachelor’s degree in BA. I was very lucky. I’m living by myself with three cats, working a full-time job and I am a new Paranormal Romance/Fantasy author. Currently, I work on a series with 13 books. My first book has been published today.

4Q: From following you on Facebook, I sense the excitement of your upcoming novel. Please tell us about Soul Taker. (
Soul Taker is the first book in “The Council Of Twelve” series.

After long years in the line of duty as a ‘Soul Taker,’ Kate is worn out.

When she gets a new job offer from the ‘Powers Above,’ she accepts her new job as a Guardian gratefully without knowing that her teacher is one of the most powerful beings in existence, the Archangel Raphael.

Along with Raphael, she takes on her new task, and the connection between them grows.

Raphael helps, protects and supports Kate, but suddenly, she becomes a target for the Demons of Hell.

Raphael realizes that Kate means more to him than he expected, which causes him to fight furiously against danger. If he fails, Kate’s future will contain eternal darkness, evil, and torture.

4Q: We understand that this is book one is a series. What can you tell us about what’s coming?
I call it ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series. Basically, the series is about twelve of the most powerful individuals in existence and their fight against Evil. The Twelve are fighting this war since the beginning of time, and it seems the opponents are about to win. During the series, the Council meets and involves different characters, people and creatures, each one of them a unique source of power. They all are able to add to the Council’s strength and support the Council in the eternal war. Nobody knows who will show up, when they will show up and what their story is. The new characters are not to be hired or picked. The development of the extension to the ‘Council Of Twelve’ isn’t recruitment – it’s a matter of confidence, bond, and soul.

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

During the entire series, we will meet new characters, together with the known ones. We will also find out more about each one of them as the series progresses. The fight against Evil is going to be more difficult with each book. Not only The Council Of Twelve collects more power. The ‘Other Side’ does too.

4Q: Please share a childhood anecdote of memory.

My Dad taught his two daughters quite early how to ski. It was one of the things he loved doing, and we both joined him. Every year, at the season start he made sure we got a refreshing course with a professional skiing teacher before our entire family went to amazing ski resorts on vacation. Our Mom only learned skiing a while into her marriage and was never the biggest fan of that sport. She preferred skiing for an hour or two and then go back to the hotel, go for walks or do other things while her husband and daughters stayed out in the snow for six or seven hours a day. When we were younger Dad often left us skiing to ourselves, with clear instructions which ski lifts we could use and showed us the range where we could ski until he returned. We knew better than to ignore his orders. Not that it was ever necessary. We had tons of fun and got better and better, only by practicing – and laughing.
Photo by David Heslop on Unsplash
Many years in our youth our Dad listed us for ski racing for kids and as long as we participated in the races were fun. (Even more since normally one of us won, and the other one was second.) The only thing we hated about these races was the fact that the hills the race took place rarely had a decent ski lift. We had to shoulder our skis and stumble up the hill to the starting point. We still think the race wasn’t about who was fasted; it was more showing who was least tired.
I will always be grateful for these wonderful winters, full of skiing, laughter and spending time with my sister and my Dad, outside in the snow.

4Q: You have been more than kind to your fellow authors for some time now Aurora sharing their work and writing on your website. Please tell us about the Writer’s Treasure Chest.

Before I went public as an author, I did some research, and I read it was recommended for an author to show his/her writing in a blog. In fact, this was one of the first things I did when I created my author branding. I decided to ‘build’ a writer’s blog. In my head I planned to publish great posts, helping other authors with my advice and recommendations.
Yeah – wonderful me. HAHA
I’m realistic enough to understand that I’m only a newbie in this business. How can I advise someone when I have never been published? That was the time I had to see I needed the help and support of experienced authors and bloggers. I connected with amazing authors and writers; you are one of them, Allan! There are many fantastic, educational, helpful and supportive posts online, written by experienced and successful authors. Since they could teach new authors like me so much better than I can, I spread the word about interesting posts to other authors – and myself, yes.
My research told me to connect with other authors on my blog. I opened Writer’s Treasure Chest to blog tours and guest posts. Finally, I decided on a ‘Featured Author’ category, and my blog started growing. I wanted to give back to many talented authors who permitted me to re-blog their own posts and help me developing ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest.’
My blog is still a ‘Writer’s Blog,’ and that’s what it should be. In the meantime, I occasionally permit myself to publish some personally important article or blog some humorous posts too. I love to laugh, and humor is a part of me and my blog.
There is a widget with a contact form on the right side of ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest.’ Everyone who feels like becoming a featured author on my blog is welcome to scroll down and send me a note. And please: don’t think, the ‘Featured Author’ interview is a one-time thing, it’s not! I got a questionnaire for returning authors. 

An excerpt from Soul Taker.

He looked at me. “Would you ever permit yourself to fall in love?”
I gave him a warm, sunny grin as I felt I was on safe ground again. “Sure, why not? If he’s the right Angel. I figure now I wouldn’t consider it a problem.”
Raphael seemed confused. “Why are you emphasizing the word ‘now’?”
I grinned. “I only recently changed jobs. I was sad and depressed before, and I suppose I was not a friendly and social companion back in those days. In the meantime, I got the chance to relax, become more open, more fun to be with and develop my humor, now that I can be myself, I consider myself able to give a partner what he deserves.”
Raphael watched me carefully during my speech. “You seem to have given it more thought than I expected.”
I laughed loudly. “In fact, things have changed so much, so quickly, there wasn’t much time to think about it.”
And still, you’re answering so convincedly.”
I shrugged. “I had too much time before.”
Raphael nodded. “Does that mean you weren’t sufficiently busy?”
I laughed. “No, I wasn’t. When I got a call, it was my job to be there. But it’s not as if I worked around the entire world. I was never the only one. Other sections were taken over by other angels. And sometimes we weren’t the ones called, but the other side.”
Raphael rubbed his chin. “Did that bother you?”
Yes, it did. It was painful to listen to these particular souls screaming and thrashing in despair and fear. But there wasn’t much we could do.”
At my response, Raphael was lost in thought but soon found another question to ask. “Did you ever fight for a soul?”
My brows furrowed. “Yes. If it was a situation that was undecided I had to be fast. If I was quick, we had the chance to fight. I think, during all the centuries, I’ve done my job I had to fight maybe 20 times. And thankfully only lost twice.”
Raphael nodded. “I got wind of you being horribly injured.”
Yes,” I confirmed. “It was a disaster. And even the Warrior Angels summoned for support were unable to do much. The opponents were too strong. In the end, they could only save me with my severe injuries. It took nearly an entire month for me to recover.”
Raphael whistled through his teeth. “One month! They evidently ripped you to shreds, didn’t they?”
I nodded sadly.
The Archangel comforted me with a hug. “Thank God you’re here, you’ve got a new job, and there’s not that danger anymore. I’m with you too.”
But you won’t be here forever, will you?” I said with a sigh.
Raphael laughed. “No, of course not. But that doesn’t mean I’m letting my students out of my sight once they finished studying. There will always be a special connection between us, Katie.”
I smiled happily. “There will? That’s good to hear.”
Raphael eyed me curiously but remained silent. I was too excited to notice what I just had revealed

Thank you so much, Aurora for being our guest and sharing your thoughts and words.

Thank you very much for having me, Allan. I really appreciate your support!

For those wanting to know where you can buy Soul Taker or to discover more about Aurora try these links:

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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Guest Author Ivan Holiday of Florida

The Scribbler is privileged to have Ivan “Doc” 
Holiday back for another visit. With a new manuscript under his belt, he’s here to talk about his latest work.

Ivan has been a guest previously with an excerpt from his last novel – Roadhouse Legacy. For those that missed it, please go HERE!

This week Ivan has agreed to a 4Q interview.

Ivan Holiday Arsenault was born in New Brunswick, Canada.
At 59 years old, Ivan “Doc” Holiday has worked a total of 55 nightclubs and bars, in both
the US and Canada, this is not counting the other 150 honky-tonks, dives & shitholes, he has worked
short stints in over the past 36 years.
He is recognized worldwide as a leading authority in the field of nightclub security.
Ivan is the author of 5 books -
The Bouncer’s Bible – The Art and Science of working the door” ,
The Cooler's Grimiore -The Comprehensive Instructional Guide to Nightclub & Bar Security”,
Sun Tzu & The Art of Bouncing”, "The Bouncer’s Bible 2nd Edition" and 'Roadhouse Legacy'. 

In 1999 he produced the World’s First Nightclub Security Instructional Video under the Bouncer's Bible DVD title.
In 2012 Ivan produced the World's first Bouncer produced & performed music video 'Pain Don't Hurt'? the lyrics written by Ivan.
In 1986 he invented The CRV Child's Riding Belt & was nominated for an Honorary PhD. from the University of Alberta Canada, in recognition of his creation of the CRV Riding Belt and its contribution toward the rehabilitation of paraplegic children.
In 2008 Ivan deployed to IRAQ as a Honeywell Defense Contractor to train US Army soldiers in a new Stryker Recovery System.
Ivan has a PhD in Correctional Psychology but considers himself a 'self-educated man'.
Ivan is an America Mensa member with a WAIS-III IQ of 144. 

4Q: What is the title of your forthcoming novel and tell us about it.

IH: The Title of my new novel is 'Merlin Ragnarr & The Book of Lies'
Basically its a Fantasy novel about a one and only college of Viking magic called “Şeiðrune School of Sorcery”. Only teens of Viking heritage that possess Şeiðr Blood (Magic blood) can enroll. I made Şeiðrune School of Sorcery one of the 12 schools of magic from the world of JK Rowling's Harry Potter series...I use brief references in my novel under the 'Fair use act' but avoid any plagiarism.

4Q: This story is quite a bit different from your last novels, Roadhouse legacy and the Bouncer’s Bibles. What inspired this story?

IH: I love the writings of JK Rowlings and her Harry Potter series. But I also have a great love for Viking mythology...Not the crap the movies put out but REAL Viking myths and legends. So I combined my two passions into a book series. My school is very different from the other institutions.
The students are older, stronger and more physical. All the magic and rituals are based on REAL Viking Seidr and Rune magic. My books even have a glossary in the back to translate Old Norse language to English. You will be able to speak old Norse tongue by the time you finish the novel! 

4Q: Starting from today, what else do you have to do to get your new story ready when can we expect it to be ready for either per-purchase or to buy.

IH: I am just now into my first draft review. Page 79 of 450. Its slow going because of the fun I'm having with it. But when my wife pry's it from my should be published February 2019. 

4Q: What next for Ivan Holiday, the author?

IH: Just started Book 2 of 7..... 'Merlin Ragnarr & The Tale of Two'

An Excerpt:

Within the last few years and as of late, Devilin the Darkmind had become increasingly disgruntle. He was annoyed and far from content, in regards to the teaching of Dark Fjölkyngi (magic). He believed and argued strongly, that the absolute scope of Dark Arts were not being taught nor attained.
That the doctrine of Dark Fjölkyngi, needed to take a more advantageous path of study and start exploring the deeper, darker side of Viking Fjölkyngi and Şeiðr (Rune magic).
The Morpheus and Elvin knew where their brother was going with this particular line of thought and voiced their disapproval of his proposal, straight away. Both brothers warned Devilin, that to venture deeper into the dark side was to enter the realm of Svartr Fjölkyngi (Black Magic).
This level of sorcery was not only dangerous but totally forbidden at Şeiðrune.
Devilin argued that he could control the Svartr Fjölkyngi…that together they could harness its infinite powers and untapped potential. Morpheus quickly reminded his brother, of the pitiless path of addiction that awaited those who carelessly ventured down that risky road. Many who drank from the dark chalice of Svartr Şeiðr suffered a terrible, tormenting thirst for its malevolence power. Devilin rebuked his brothers, with a curse and a hiss, he labeled them both, cowards and fools. Morpheus informed Magus Darkmind, that he alone, was the elected Headmaster of Şeiðrune… and with that being said, never would he allow Svartr Fjölkyngi to be taught or even spoken of, in his school. Morpheus refused to discuss the matter any further and turned his back on Devilin, putting to rest the debate and his brother's belligerence.
Magus Darkmind, took his elder brother's final say, and his back, as an inexcusable insult, that filled him with blind rage. Devilin pulled a jewel handled, dagger, made from the fang of a Dragon, from the inside pocket of his cloak, and headed in Morpheus's direction.

Thank you Ivan for being our guest this week. For you readers looking for more information on Ivan and his novels, follow the links below.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Returning Author Ann Knight of New Brunswick.

It's a wonderful day to have Ann back on the Scribbler. This is her second visit and she talks about the craft of writing. A special treat awaits you, dear reader, as she shares an excerpt from her latest work, Nightshade.

If you missed Ann's previous visit, you can read more about her and her work by going HERE! 

It’s a tough call, being an artist. It’s like chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole, into the unknown. We’re not so afraid of what we’ll find; rather we are afraid of what we might never find. We race against ourselves though we don’t always realize it. We are our own competition. How much deeper does that rabbit hole go? How close can we get to that rabbit? At any point, we could stop chasing the rabbit; turn around; change direction. But we don’t. We’re compelled. Driven. We’re driven to succeed – to create something – to catch the prize.

It works like this…

Writing demands a lot of time, commitment, energy, and an open mind. Defining your craft is not an easy task; perhaps there is no real need to define it, but only to accept it for what it is. One word at a time, one page at a time, a story is born. 

As the author, there are times when I am creating the story, but there are also times when the story is creating itself and I am simply jotting the events down on the page as I see/hear them. Achieving complete emotional identification with the story and one or more characters is my ultimate goal. This allows me to immerse myself into a strong, imaginative storyline. Accomplishing this ‘triggers’ my commitment to the project.

There are characters that become an extension of you, and this is especially true about (the character of) Darion Rhys. This journey, writing this series, has been profound and empowering. Darion and I have been through a lot together. Conflict is an important subject in literature. The Rising series explores themes such as identity crisis, authority and control, rebellion, and love. 

Darion was trained to be a soldier. She was raised to follow rules and to comply with those in power. She’s never had full control over her life. She is sixteen in the first book, a sensitive time in life when raging teenage hormones begin to disrupt our views and opinions about life, love, and identity. She questions not only the social order, but the intentions of those around her as well. Darion is on a wild emotional roller coaster, and it ultimately strengthens and defines her sense of self.

The series also looks at the subtleties involved around love triangles. There are three young men in Darion’s life–one she loves dearly; one who loves her dearly; and one who has and represents everything a young lady should be in love with—money, influence, power. Given her situation, does Darion have the right to fall in love?

Enjoy this sample from the newest book in the series, Nightshade. A series of events has placed Darion exactly where her family wanted her—in a position of influence. But this has also placed her in the clutches of the Rothwell family, and specifically, on the arm of the youngest heir, Johnny. After her new title was announced to the world, her rebel family moved in and rescued her from the Rothwell mansion. She can be safe now—but for how long?

Ann Knight books can be ordered by visiting: 

An excerpt. (copyright is held by the author. Used with permission)



Dark black billows of smoke choke the sky. This is my first taste of freedom in a long time and I’m not sad that it is cutting into my honeymoon. I didn’t want to marry Johnny. I didn’t want to become Mrs. Rothwell. Sitting in the back of the helicopter, I feel both grateful and eager to be heading far away from the craziness that has held me captive for so long. My father rescued me from the Rothwell mansion right on time. He couldn’t get me out of there fast enough. I thought I was going to be doomed forever—Johnny’s wife—but his prisoner in reality. 

The helicopter is flying over the mountains and I can see the destruction below us with my own eyes now. Wide pockets of fire incinerate the forest, devouring the beautiful green space that rebels call home. It won’t be long before the fire wastes it all. Soon there won’t be anything left. It breaks my heart. The helicopter veers right, making my stomach roll. The overhead thrumming of the blades is deafening. I’m sitting beside another rebel across from my father and a second rebel that I don’t recognize. My dad’s steel-blue eyes find me, and even in the dark, I can see the concern and agitation behind them. I draw in a deep breath, relieved that he came to rescue me in person. Any other man would have sent someone else to do the job, but my father would rather have died than to do that. It’s in his expression now—a dad’s determination and love.

Uncle John is flying the chopper and though he’s keeping it steady, I’m still feeling queasy. Maybe that’s because I’ve just been plucked out of my so-called life for the umpteenth time now. Hopefully this time I’ll get to stay with my family for good because it’s annoying to keep going back and forth like this. In one life I get freedom, in the other confinement. I’d rather a slice of freedom on any day.

We’ve got company!” Uncle John shouts.

At least we got a head start!” my father calls back.

I can see them now. The two black specs in the distance are twin Gunship Helicopters. They are used by law enforcement in combat situations and are equipped with AEP’s – Anti-Electronic Pulse magnets that can send us down pretty quick. We’re in a standard Squirrel helicopter—it’s light and acrobatic, but it has no weapon system on board.

Find a place to land,” my father instructs, “before they shoot us down!”

The chopper veers sharply and I grab onto the side cable until we straighten out again. I don’t know how we’re going to land in this mess. We’re cutting through swells of thick black smoke and it’s wafting into the back of the chopper, choking us. My father reaches over and pulls the front of my sweater up over my mouth and nose.

Brace yourselves!” Uncle John yells, taking us into a momentary nosedive. The landing is harsh but it isn’t technically a crash. Uncle John has flown just about everything and he’s a pro with emergency landings. Our chopper plummets towards the ground and swooshes upwards at the last minute. The maneuver catches an updraft and we hover for a few seconds before we ‘fall’ into park like a toy drone in the hands of an expert tech. As soon as the landing skids hit the ground, everyone bails. My father takes my arm and we jump out after everyone else, meeting Uncle John around the side.

They’re here!” Uncle John shouts over the slowing rotors. The two Gunships have us in sight. We run in the direction of the trees as the helicopters come down to land next to ours. The tree branches whip me in the face. I readjust the hoodie on my sweater, losing my balance as my foot sinks into a patch of softer ground. My sandal snags an exposed root and I trip, falling face-first on the ground. Pulling my legs into my chest, I grab my foot and bite down on my lower lip as pain shoots up my leg.

Darion,” my father’s hands are on my shoulders.

I’m good,” I strain, getting to my feet. My hands are sticky. I realize that my foot is bleeding but it’s too dark to make out the wound. My father wraps his strong arms around me and picks me up. “Dad, I’m fine!” I protest, but it does no good. He must sense that something is wrong. He keeps moving with me in his arms and I lay my head on his shoulder. I’m slowing him down but he doesn’t care. Rustling footsteps up ahead quicken their pace. We’re following the sounds made by those ahead of us because it’s too dark to make out much more than shadows. At least we’re heading in the opposite direction of the forest fire, though I can still smell the smoke. My father weaves us around scrubs and bushes so easily. He knows this landscape like the back of his hand.

Michael?” Uncle John calls. “Mike!”

Over here!” my dad calls back.

They catch up and the two other rebels stand next to me as they adjust their gear. “Can you hear the waterfall?” Uncle John asks, adding, “The safe house is just over the next ridge.”

I hear it.” I nod.

Michael, we only have a day before that fire reaches us. Judging by the wind—”

I know,” my father cuts him off. “Let’s just get there.” He sets me down and we start climbing. “Can you walk?”

Yes,” I answer.

Detectives have combed these woods for at least four months now. They’ve dug holes and set traps. Many rebels have already been caught. I want you to be careful.” He nudges me ahead of him and I grope my way around in the dark, pulling myself up the sloping hillside using every available branch and root. My foot is stinging. My toes are caked with mud and grass and I can barely move them.

My father climbs ahead of me, grabs the back of my sweater, and hauls me up on top of the ridge. We are about halfway up the mountain. The moon is full and the sky is like a black chalkboard—completely starless. Swelling clouds of smoke are slowly drifting towards the moon, reminding us that the fire is spreading and that we have to move if we want to survive.

Do you see that space between the canopy layers over there?” he asks, pointing to the area in the distance.

I see it.”

It’s a small lake where all the streams converge. It’s the only lake this high up into the mountain. The safe house is just beyond it.”

We start down the other side of the ridge. My father is completely adept in this environment but I’m totally exhausted, and by the time we reach level ground I stumble and fall to my knees.

I got you,” my father says, scooping me off the ground.

Give her to me,” my uncle tells him. “Hand her over.”

I feel like a puppet as they pass me around. My uncle puts me over his shoulder. We start moving and my eyelids get heavy. It’s the lack of food, I think to myself as I give in and my eyes shut out the world.

She’s drained Michael.” I hear my uncle say. It takes a minute for my vision to adjust after I open my eyes. It’s dawn. The forest is dull and dim, but I can tell that it’s the start of a new day because orange beams of light are spearing through the canopy of leaves over my head.

She needs to eat something,” my father says. “We have to get her inside.”

Inside. I turn my head towards a man-made cave opening. Camouflage netting is draped around the mouth in the rock. The cover is so good it would be impossible to see from overhead.

We’re here Darion.” My uncle’s expression is tight, and I can tell that he’s worried. “You’re finally home.”

I sit up, rubbing my head. “Smells like something’s… burning?”

My father’s lips tug down into a frown. “The fire will reach us in a day or two, depending on the wind.”

A sense of foreboding overtakes me. Something feels wrong. I take a quick glance down at my arms and then pull my jeans up to inspect my legs. I have no puncture wound, no reason to suspect that I’ve been injected with a trace.

What is it?” my uncle asks.

They can’t just let me go—it can’t be this easy.”

Easy?” He makes a face. “Glad you thought that was easy.”

What a terrific beginning Ann. This is a story I look forward to reading. Thank you being our guest and sharing the excerpt with us