December 20 2020.

A 5 Star review from Cheryl Schenk of Alberta.

"A most enjoyable read. The author, Allan Hudson, has done an impressive job of taking us through 9 years in the life of Dominic Alexander. A life packed with people, events both happy and sad, and accomplishments, and yet his life has only just begun. Also, I was impressed with the world history that continuously unfolded throughout the story. I spent a lot of time Googling much of that history. Also, I feel that I know so much more about New Brunswick, a province I have yet to visit. I look forward to more from the Alexanders.

January 3, 2021

Review of a Box of Memories by Australian Author, Mark Piper. 5 Stars.

It’s unusual for me these days to pick a book of short stories to read. I’m inclined to choose novels in a number of different genres. That’s been the focus of my own writing for the last few years. But Allan Hudson’s delightful collection of stories, A Box of Memories, reminded me of what I’ve been missing.

The characters all feel like real people, sometimes strange, sometimes quirky, but always memorable. Hudson takes you back to your childhood with the two stories featuring ten-year-old Beans and Chops. Okay, you have to be old enough to imagine youthful adventures before cell phones and the internet, but even if you’re not that old, the stories hold up beautifully. Hudson has a knack for putting the reader in the midst of a time and place that feel comfortable.

The stories in A Box of Memories feature characters of both genders, ages from pre-teen to octogenarian, times from the early settling of the West to well into the future not yet realized. Pretty much all of the characters are relatable to most of us, even if we’ve never been so poor we had to attend funeral receptions to be able to get a decent meal, even if we’ve never found an abandoned baby, even if we’ve never escaped slavery in the old south via the Underground Railroad. That’s because the characters are at once appealing and feel real for their time and place. That’s not such an easy thing to accomplish, but Hudson has the talent and the empathy to pull it off beautifully.

One of the advantages of a collection of short stories is that you have clear stopping points. There are no cliff hangers that force you on to the next chapter, even though it may be well past your bedtime. But I found myself reading right through these stories in a few days. I was anxious to see where Hudson’s imagination would take me next, and I wasn’t disappointed even once. A Box of Memories gets my highest recommendation.

New Review for The Alexanders: 5 Stars

"Born during a difficult time into an impoverished family, Dominic is sent to live with his uncle who grows to care for him deeply. Tragedy leaves Dominic again on his own and at a very young age he leaves his homeland to travel to Canada hoping to make his fortune. Follow Dominic as he uses all the lessons his uncle taught him to make his way in this strange new country.
Mr. Hudson weaves a wonderful tale of love and endurance and it is easy to become entwined with Dominic and those he meets along the way. I look forward in anticipation to the next chapter in the life of the Alexanders."

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