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Guest Author Debbie Jinks of Great Britain

I am a UK girl, dragon lover, wildlife lover, fanatic reader and now writer also, and a bit of a dreamer. Coffee and chocolate are my downfall, but I enjoy walking and running so that kind of makes up for it. That’s my excuse anyway!

I never set out to be a writer, well not stories as such. I was a professional singer/songwriter for 15 years, singing was always my passion from childhood. It took a major change in my life to take me in the other direction. I suffered a head injury which left me with no sense of smell or taste, this is called Anosmia. It was such a devastating and life changing condition that I began a blog as a way of releasing my sadness and loss. As I wrote I realised, not only was it a therapeutic thing for me to do, but also that I loved writing. My writing slowly came to life from there and as this happened I came back to life too.

I now have a writing website, and also continue my Anosmia blog alongside it. I am in the process of writing a fantasy novel and have written some short stories in that genre also. Having taken a fantasy writing diploma in which I achieved a distinction, I truly feel I have found my writing niche. In a crazy way if my Anosmia had never occurred my writing wouldn’t have either. I suppose even though I could have done without all that pain and heartache, had I not gone through it I would never have found myself at this point.

Now I try to write every day weather it turns out to be good or not so good I find it immensely satisfying. I want to take my writing to another level now which is why I’m writing a book, and I’m so pleased with my short stories. Maybe I’ll write an autobiography about my Anosmia one day. But for now my fantasy writing world is enough.

Now You See Me (copyright is held by the author. Used with permission)
The grass was damp under his feet as in his haste Rory had forgotten to put his shoes on. He walked over to the two Gnomes his feet already starting to feel cold. “What are you two playing at?” He whispered under his breath, “Are you trying to wake up mum and dad?”
“No, my grumpy brother here won’t let me play with this bracelet, even though I found it in the first place.” Lawrence said
“Let me have a look then,” said Rory. Len the oldest of the brothers reluctantly handed the bracelet to him. “I’ve never seen this before, where did you find it?”
“In the grass under the oak tree, where the farmer grazes those silly, illiterate sheep of his.”
“Don’t be mean” said Milly, landing on Rory’s shoulder, “they can’t help it if they don’t understand you, even I don’t sometimes”
“That’s because you are a scatty little Sprite!” said Lenny.  Rory ignored the bickering and put the bracelet into his jacket pocket. “I’ll give this to mum tomorrow maybe she can ask around and find out who it belongs to. But enough of this, my feet are freezing, it’s the middle of the night and I have school in the morning!”
Crystal rubbed up against Rory’s legs. “Where’s that dragon when you need him she purred, he could warm your feet up.”
“I’m not letting Casper near my feet he’ll burn them.”
“Oh well just a thought, I’m off to see if there’s anything to chase”.
“Did I hear my name being called Master Rory?”
“Casper where have you been, and don’t call me master you know I don’t like it”.
 “Ok”, Casper shrugged.
“His feet are cold” said Milly “do you think you could warm them up without burning his toes off?”
“No sweat, get it no sweat ha, ha, sit on the path master,….um Rory and I’ll soon have them warm as toast.”
 “I’d prefer them not to be toasted Casper, but ok my toes have gone numb now.”
“Well it probably wouldn’t hurt if he did burn them in that case,” Lawrence said.
Once Rory’s toes were warm enough for him to walk back to the house, he dashed in before they got cold again. Groaning inwardly he realized the whole entourage had followed him too. Crystal was still out chasing things however. “At least that’s one less for now”, Rory thought.
After a sleepless night Rory got ready for school. “Thanks to you lot I’m done in this morning” he said. “I did try to snooze but you were making such a racket even that didn’t happen.” They all looked at him sheepishly as he stomped out of the bedroom door. 
Downstairs his mum was making breakfast. “Did you sleep in this morning love? You’re late for your breakfast.” His mum couldn’t see Rory’s magical friends so he couldn’t exactly tell her the truth.
“Yes mum my bed was so comfortable, I didn’t want to move.” He knew that was a pretty lame excuse but it would have to do, he was too tired to come up with a more convincing one. After a rather rushed breakfast, he grabbed his schoolbag and dashed off to catch the school bus. “By mum,” he called hurriedly. In his haste he’d forgotten all about the bracelet in his pocket.
Focusing on his lessons that morning was almost impossible, but he tried to look interested before the school bell sounded for break time. He want and hid out at the end of the school playing field it was warm with a gentle breeze and he needed the fresh air to revive him. He hadn’t been there long when a girl he didn’t recognize walked over to him. She was small with short blonde hair and a stubborn look on her face. “I’ve come over here for some peace and quiet” she said. “Those silly giggly girls drive me mad!”
“Well you’re going to be popular with an attitude like that.”
“I don’t want to be popular” exclaimed the girl, “I want to be left alone!”
“Well don’t let me stop you” said Rory and walked further down the field.
He hadn’t been there long when Milly materialized on his shoulder making him jump. “Milly why did you make yourself invisible, you know I’m the only one can who see you, and you lot”, he said quietly as the others appeared out of the grass. “Why are you all here? I’ve told you before not to come to my school.”
“Well you just said yourself you’re the only one that can see us so there’s no danger” said Len.
“Anyway,” piped up Casper, “we felt bad about last night so thought we’d come and cheer you up a bit.” 
“Yes I suppose we are a bit sorry” admitted Lawrence reluctantly.
“Ok you’re forgiven, but you’d best go in case that grumpy girl over there thinks I’ve gone crazy talking to myself.”
“Ahh mmm too late” said Milly, “she’s coming over.”
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