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Authors Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie of Southern England.



Jaye Marie

This week, the Scribbler welcomes sisters Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie. Two accomplished authors who share many things – a popular website, a passion for writing, a love of detective thrillers, supporting authors and having fun. 

It’s a pleasure to have them as guests this week. Read on to discover more.


Take it away, Ladies.




When Allan asked us to write a post for his website, we thought we could tell you how we began…


8 years ago, when we first started hearing about indie publishing, we never thought for a moment that it could be something we could do, as the thought of anything complicated to do with a computer, apart from playing solitaire, that is, filled us with dread.


I had been writing for years and submitted my work to most of the mainstream publishers. Very nearly made it too, but as they say, a miss is as good as a mile! Which was a shame, for many people liked what I wrote.


It didn’t take long for the idea of doing it ourselves to take root in our imagination and became something we were determined to do. So, I enlisted the help of my sister, Jaye, as she is far more computer literate than I and much more stubborn too!


What Jaye had to learn was incredible, and unbelievably hard. I tried to keep up with her, but there were days when she was pulling her hair out. Some of it was easy, which tended to lull us into a false sense of achievement, but we persevered.


Eventually, we learned how to upload manuscripts to Amazon, and I was finally a published author (well, sort of).


Then something strange happened. Jaye began to write too. She had always been content with her many hobbies and to edit my work, but writing gets into your blood. Different characters started talking to her and before we knew what was happening, there were two writers in the family!


Learning how to do all of that was a nightmare, but soon, our books were on Amazon, and we were like a couple of Cheshire cats. We soon discovered that this was only half of the battle. Apparently, we needed a platform, a reader friendly website to promote our books or they would remain in limbo. Well, we managed to create a passable website and over the years we have established a presence on the internet, and we have met so many lovely people along the way. Not that this is the end of the story, there is no way you can rest on your laurels (that’s if you even have some!)

Now, we are learning all about marketing, and this might be the straw that breaks both our backs!


Even if nothing monumental comes from all our efforts, we know we have tried our hardest. But whatever happens (or doesn’t!) we won’t stop writing, that’s the fun part!

Anita's Biography

Anita Dawes loves all things esoteric, magical and other worldly and would prefer to live in a fairy tale. In between these moments, she likes to visit old churches and ancient buildings.

She has written six fiction novels in various genres, Bad Moon, Simple, Secrets, The Scarlet Ribbon; Let it Go and Not My Life. Presently working on a sequel to her popular supernatural romance, The Scarlet Ribbon.

Anita has recently rediscovered her childhood love of poetry and often writes and posts them online, which is how this book came about.

Once owned by an egocentric black and white cat called Merlin, named after her favourite hero, Anita hates computers with a passion and prefers to write longhand, sharing the website Books & Bonsai with Jaye Marie, who transcribes and edits her work...

Jaye’s Biography 

Jaye Marie came to writing rather late but has always loved books.

She enjoys reading many different genres, so was surprised to discover a passion for writing detective thrillers. Four of them to date, with more to follow.

For all you wonderful readers and visitors wanting to discover more about Anita &  Jaye, please follow these links:





 Facebook: https://anita.dawes.37



 Amazon Author page:



Thank you ladies for being our guests. Wishing you continued success with your stories.


  1. Lovely post... I feel that I have known Jaye and Anita for so many years but lovely to see them here together and learn something new...thanks Allan..

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Sally. Interesting beginnings.

  3. Lovely to see you here too, Sally. Bless you!

  4. A great post, ladies. I am always interested in how other writers go about this business. Thanks for hosting Anita and Jaye, Allan.

  5. So nice to learn about Anita's and Jaye Marie's journeys, here, Allan. I've followed them for years and will vouch for their books. I have one from each waiting in my kindle for reading this summer. Yay. Have a great day, all three of you.

  6. Thanks for visiting, Robbie. It's always neat to find out how people got started in their writing journey.

  7. Fab interview. It was great learning more about our sister writing friends duo. I had to laugh as like Anita, I'm a dinosaur and write everything in longhand first too. <3

    1. Thanks for stopping by the Scribbler, Debbie. I have to stick to my keyboard, I have terrible handwriting.

  8. Beautiful post. Thank you, Allen. Through you, I've learned so much about Anita and Jaye. Lovely, lovely writers and human beings. 💗

    1. Interesting ladies, indeed. Thanks for visiting Gwen.

  9. One of the most fascinating aspects of writing is hearing about any writer's path. I love that Anita and Jaye persevered and were a support system for one another. It takes heart and courage to face new challenges. As a late bloomer to writing, I am encouraged by anyone who makes their dream come true. Thank you, Allan, for the interview. I wish Anita and Jaye continued success and patience in trying to conquer the technological challenges that are thrown our way.

    1. Thanks for the nice comment, Pete. Like yourself, I came to writing later in life as well and so happy I did. Thanks for visiting.

  10. Great interview so lovely to learn more about Anita and Jay's journey :) x

  11. Thank you very much for a very interesting interview. Best wishes, Michael


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