Saturday 28 August 2021

Branching out with Award-winning Author Anna J. Walner of The Uluru Legacy


The Scribbler has the pleasure of working with Creative Edge publicity firm of Saskatoon and this week we bring you news of author Anna J. Walner.

Anna is the International Bestselling Author of the Award-Winning debut novel – Garkain. Book one of The Uluru Legacy series. Reading her latest press release it was interesting to read a few of the reviews the story has received. This one sticks out the most –

"Defying expectations, this award-winning debut novel by Anna J Walner, begins the Uluru Legacy Series, and leaves you craving more. A remarkably new experience, that doesn't disappoint." - Book Trib


Anna has agreed to a Branching Out Interview and sharing the synopsis of the story.



A girl in search of her family finds more than she ever dreamed possible. Blending myth with reality, this award-winning debut provides a truly unique and realistic spin on the genre you love.
Enter a world hidden to human eyes for over three centurie . A safe haven for both Vampire and Werewolf. She'll become something she never thought existed, agree to things she never thought she would, and find a life worth dying for. 


Let’s chat with Anna.



Allan: Welcome to the Scribbler, Anna. Before we chat about books and writing, please tell our readers a bit about yourself, home & family.


Anna: I began my journey to becoming an Author at a young age, escaping into the world of books. Visiting faraway places and going on thrilling adventures, while dealing with Social Anxiety. 

Over time my own voice as an Author began to take shape. The Enrovia Series was my first series, establishing my own company, Silver Dawn Publishing, and venturing out for the first time. 

I am now an International Bestselling Author of The Uluru Legacy Series, “Garkain”. My journey as an Author is only just beginning, with three more books in the series, and a new work in progress always at the ready.




Allan: There is an interesting comment in your bio. “She began this quest for her daughter.”  Tell us more about this.


Anna: The Enrovia Series was written for her, with her in mind. I wanted to give her the kind of young girl I enjoyed reading growing up, strong and fearless, even when tested by impossible odds. I wanted to give her a series and a main character that was an inspiration.




Allan: Please tell our readers what to expect when they pick up their copy of Garkain.


Anna: Something entirely new when it comes to Vampires and Lycanthropes. An enjoyable read that is focused on the character and not the scenery. You truly get to know Amelia, Roan, Anatole, and Ambrose. It’s immersive and blended with a bit of factual science and history to weave a tapestry of believability into the world of The Colony.




Allan: The novel has garnered many positive reviews but even more exciting is the Literary Titan award it received. How did that feel?


Anna: Like I was on the path to something special. That what others kept telling me, might in fact be true. The book, the series, the idea was good. Unique, and different. Exciting and enjoyable.




Synopsis for Garkain.

Amelia was dropped at a hospital in Houston 25 years ago. After searching for her biological family for years she receives a vague text: “It’s time for you to come home, we need you, the Colony needs you.”

The Colony is a secret society in the Outback of Australia, driven from Europe in 1788 to the prison colony of New Holland to begin anew. Her mother is Garkain, her father Larougo. Two different bloodlines, two different societies. One Vampire, one Werewolf. Given away instead of killed, she’s being called home for a purpose.

She’ll agree to things she thought she never would, become things she never thought existed, and agree to a bargain that will change the Colony forever.
The vampire rule book has changed in this imaginative series that defies expectations. Blending worlds together as a delicious escape in a new and unique way.

Welcome to your new obsession.

 Watch for Book two of the series.



Thank you, Anna, for being our guest this week. Wishing you continued success with your stories.

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