Saturday 29 June 2024

Interview with Visual Artist Nadine Godin of Neguac, NB, Canada,


Hey Scribbler fans. Someone new!

I met Nadine at a major craft fair and was immediately drawn to her vibrant and colourful paintings.

         She has graciously accepted our invitation to be our featured creative this week and to share some of her fabulous images.

Read on my friends.



Welcome to the Scribbler, Nadine. Before we discuss your art, tell our readers about yourself.


Nadine: I am an artist from Tabusintac, New Brunswick. I was raised in Fair Isle, a small community not far from Neguac. I own a fabric shop and this year is our 25th anniversary. I have been teaching quilting for ten years. I previously owned a flower shop for fifteen years. Mother of two and a grandmother of four. Married to a wonderful husband, Marc.


Scribbler: On your website, you mention you started painting in 2012. Tell us about the beginning.


Nadine: I started painting in 2012 when the kids were older and I didn’t need to spend as much time with them. In the beginning it was for pleasure until a cousin encouraged me to display my art in an event happening in Caraquet. This was the opening of a new career for me.


Scribbler: I’m fascinated with your images of boats, particularly fishing boats. What is your inspiration for these?

Nadine: I grew up in a village of fishermen. MY brother-in-law is a fisherman also. It has always amazed me how people work hard at making a living and how fishing was the main source of revenue for many back in the days.


Scribbler: Are you participating any future events or showings where the public can see your work?


Nadine: From June14th to August 18th, my paintings will be displayed at de Quai des Artislist which is situated behind Le Carrefour de la mer in Caraquet, NB. People can also find me at my studio at 1110 Principale, Neguac.


Scribbler: Your Artistic Mission states, “I paint to touch the soul through the eyes.” Can you tell us more?


Nadine: I want people to look at my work and find a sense of past memory, something that speaks to them. Something that brings them home.


Scribbler: Anything else you’d like to share with us?


Nadine: Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a guest. People can find my calendars throughout the province at In Colors, Moncton, Village de la Sagouine in Bouctouche. Libraries, Moncton at the Coliseum and...

                    visiting our website HERE.




You are most welcome, Nadine. Thank you for being our guest this week. We wish you continued success with your painting.


And a SPECIAL THANK YOU to all our visitors and readers.


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