Saturday 5 March 2022

The Story Behind the Story with award-winning Author Christiane Banks of Milton, ON.


The Scribbler would like to thank Sharon Beddoes for introducing us to this week’s guest. It is a pleasure to have Christiane with us. When you pop over to her website, you will be greeted by the following:

Striving for excellence one word at a time.

Sounds like a winning formula to me.

Let’s meet Christiane


Christiane Banks, author of the award-winning historical family saga, Amelias Prayer, is delighted to return with the sequel Amazing Grace. Christiane was born in England around the Magnificent rugged Northeast coastline near the City of Newcastle upon Tyne. Raised after World War II, she began working at 13 years old as an apprentice shampoo girl. At this job, she was privileged to meet many women who lived during the world wars and was inspired by the vivid stories of those periods.

Banks, a Storyteller herself, was inspired by these accounts, which lead her to become an author and ultimately become part of the stories of Amelias Prayer and Amazing Grace. She would like to take this opportunity to thank all her family friends and readers who have been a constant source of support and encouragement through the years as she wrote both Amelias Prayer and Amazing Grace, bringing them to fruition. Christiane lives in Milton, Ontario, with her husband Gary she has starts book three, which will be a prequel to Amelias Prayer and Amazing Grace.


Working Title: Amelia’s Prayer



Sebastian Lavalle is just fifteen when he leaves home in 1934 to join the Navy. Seven years later, Sebastian, unfortunately, knows all too well about the horrors of World War II and what it is like to fear the unknown. When repairs force his ship to the rugged shore of Newcastle, the young French naval officer is invited to a tea dance. He seizes the opportunity hoping to find comfort and a small taste of home.

Amelia Sullivan, the daughter of Irish immigrant parents, is thrilled to be attending the tea dance. When Sebastians eyes find her in the crowd, he drinks in her exotic beauty. Moments later, as he draws her into his arms for a dance, there is no doubt in his mind that he has just met the woman of his dreams. Days later, Sebastian professes his love and marries her, sending them both on an unforgettable journey through betrayal, survival, and forgiveness. Their soul searching journey not only will take the reader from Englands coast to the French Riviera, but also Tennessee. Their journey explores the many facets and depths of love leading to the realization of what true happiness means.



The Story Behind the Story:

What inspired me to write Amelias Prayer is really quite difficult to pinpoint. Storytelling has always been a part of me—like the colour of my eyes or hair, part of my DNA. I cannot remember a time when I did not tell stories! As a child I was nicknamed chatterbox, I would wander out of the house, up the street, knocking on peoples doors asking if they would come out to play. We could sit on the wall and tell stories. It was not unusual for strangers to bring me home!

Most of my life I have thought about creating stories, poems, and sometimes plays – not always capable of executing the ideas that were formed within my mind for various reasons; however, I was always able to tell the story. Amelias Prayer is a true work of love and passion. I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing human beings throughout my lifetime, either through lifes journey, my work, or within my own family, extended family, and friends. I have had the privilege and the honour to listen to many voices, both young and old and wise over the years, often triggering myriad of ideas through my mind in various different forms, family members and my husband encouraging me to write a book. 

Several years ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to an author by the name of Joyce Holmes, who writes detective stories. I told Joyce of my interest in writing a book, and how I felt rather inexperienced. Joyce inspired me and helped me to understand that I was more than capable. We spent a lovely lazy afternoon on the balcony of her beautiful home in the mountains in Provence. I shall always be grateful to Joyce for validating my abilities. That afternoon she sent me away, waving goodbye and believing that I could indeed write a novel. As she waved to me her message was, I shall see you at the book launch!”

Simplicity is the essence to a reader connecting to a story something we can all reach out to and identify with Amelias Prayer is a compilation of all of that life, love, family, betrayal, forgiveness, and ultimately unconditional love!


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A question for you, Christiane, before you go.

Whats your favorite and least favorite part of publishing?


My favourite part of publishing is the journey of walking the books into the marketplace, and meeting people at book events, book clubs, and other fundraising events. I am inspired at every event by the terrific people I meet, both young and old. They all motivate me to keep growing, improving, and developing as an author.

My least favourite part is the administrative side which includes, social media and working with the publishing company. The parts that have nothing to do with writing and gobble up a tremendous amount of my creative time.


Thank you for being our guest this week, Christiane. Wishing you continued success on your writing journey.


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