Saturday 11 June 2022

The Story Behind the Story with Author Eden Monroe of Moncton, Canada.


The Scribbler is pleased to bring a new author to our pages.

Eden Monroe is an East Coast Author who has a great list of novels sure to delight the most discerning reader.

I encourage you to visit her website (the URL is below) and see for yourself.

Let’s find out more about Eden and her newest creation.



Eden Monroe loves giving voice to the endless parade of interesting characters that introduce themselves in her imagination. She writes about real life, real issues and struggles, and triumphing against all odds. A proud east coast Canadian, she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, and a good book.



Working Title: Dangerous Getaway

Synopsis: Birch Shadow is a sumptuous mountain getaway, an idyllic cottage with way too many secrets to keep, like its owner, business tycoon and philanthropist, Shaw Garland. No one knows his dark side like the guests who visit Birch Shadow, including Rhone Alexander who sought the spectacular retreat for some much-needed R&R following the end of a difficult marriage. Worse waited.

Grace Upton is an up and coming interior decorator unwittingly drawn into the treacherous Birch Shadow game.

Will anyone survive Birch Shadow long enough to make their dangerous getaway?


The Story Behind the Story: It’s always about the what if’s … innocent, trusting people drawn in, in this case by a madman masquerading as a benevolent pillar of society. Set the stage, then wait for the fallout. I’m always entertained by what the characters have to tell me. And then I choose another beautiful area of New Brunswick for my setting, this time Elgin in Albert County.




A question for you Eden:


Besides writing novels, what else are you involved in?


Eden: I still do newspaper work. I also write plays, short stories and greeting cards for a US-based company.




Thank you, Eden, for being our guest this week. Wishing you continued success on your writing journey.  

Dangerous Getaway is a novel I definitely want to read.


Thank you to all you special visitors and readers.

We do it all for you! (do you know where that tag line comes from?)


  1. Really nice to learn about Eden and her writing, Allan. Cheers to us Canadian writers! Wishing Eden lots of success with her newest book. :)

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    2. You're so welcome Delbert. Glad you're enjoying them!

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