Saturday 23 July 2022

The Story Behind the Story with K. L. Loveley of Nottinghamshire, England


Meet K. L. Loveley.

Another first time visitor to the Scribbler. When I followed her on Twitter, I was intrigued by her intro –  Retired nurse, now author, poet. Kooky and Kind. Lives life to her fullest.

I don’t know her well enough to vouch for the kookiness but from reading her bio, I can see she is kind.

It’s great to have her as our guest this week, so read on my friends.



Hi everyone, here’s the bit about me.

The most fundamental point is that I enjoy writing and in particular using my voice to raise awareness of social and medical issues through fictional characters. My background as an NHS nurse provided me with the knowledge required to provide authenticity.

Since Covid-19 created major problems in Health and education, I have volunteered my services as a Covid-vaccinator. I also help children with their reading at our local primary school.

Last but not least important is my love of writing and reading all genres of literature and poetry



Working Title:  Union Blues.


Synopsis:    Nature lover Willow embraces life to its fullest potential. After all, she is living her life as two people. When her identical twin sister Molly sadly dies a short time after birth, Willow carries with her the memory of sharing the same beginnings of life.

When Willow becomes a mother, the voice of Molly begins to drown out all sense of reality. Survivors guilt begins to manifest as post-natal depression, taking over her every thought.

Gabriel is a third-year medical student when he begins a relationship with Willow. Coming from a very different background he hides his own secret. This is a secret that eventually has far-reaching consequences.

Gabriel is not the only one with a long-hidden secret. His parents have a lot to answer for and are the driving force behind the events that unfold in his life and as a consequence this impacts on the life of Willow too.

Watch the story unfold as their lives spiral out of control. Classified as a thriller, this story will keep you turning the pages as you become involved with the characters in this true to life fiction.


The Story Behind the Story:  Essentially Union Blues was born out of my desire to raise the subject of gambling as an addiction. Having read a number of reports about the increasing issues of gambling addiction, I decided that this would be a subject that could lend itself to my sympathetic style of writing. Using my social voice to create realistic characters who find themselves in difficult circumstances, I was able to combine both the issues of post-natal depression and gambling addiction into a believable story that is current and at the same time, very concerning.

Classified as a thriller, which was a surprise to me! is testament of sorts, to the way my style of writing is developing.








A question for you before you go Katie:


What is your favorite part of writing and the part you enjoy the least?


I love breathing life into new characters and giving them a personality and a story to tell.

Editing is difficult for me. Having to cut out parts of the story that I have put much time and thought into is quite upsetting, however it is necessary to give the book the best chance of success.




Thank you, Katie, for being our guest. Wishing you continued success on your writing journey.

And thanks to you, our terrific readers and visitors. Don't be shy, leave a comment. Tell us what you like, tell us about your summer, your books, whatever you want.

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