Saturday, 27 August 2022

The Story behind the story with Kathy Roberts of Ontario, Canada.


Let’s welcome Kathy Roberts to the Scribbler. 

 One of the fun parts of having a blog dedicated to authors and stories is sharing new authors to my readers. 

Kathy has kindly agreed to tell us more about her work.


Read on!




I have always loved books, and although I was a corporate restructuring and e-commerce lawyer for 15 years, I was always writing. I wrote a children’s book in high school, my first novel when I was Articling at a law firm (which looking back now seems crazy), and I’ve been writing novels ever since. I just got an agent for my last book, so stay tuned!


I live in Toronto with my husband, two children, and my very quirky, but adorable dog. I love travel, any sporting event, time with friends and family, cinnamon rolls, and a cold beer in a frosted glass.



Working Title: Six Minutes


Synopsis: Three very different people witness the same horrific event on their way to work. Their lives shaken, each struggle, confused by the past and the decisions they have made. Spanning three years, the story unfolds through each character’s viewpoint of the same events.


And then, just as they seem set to move on with their lives, something even more shocking occurs that redirects their paths yet again.


Though this tale underscores how alone we can be in our perceptions, and how little we can control our reactions; it also reminds us of the depths of strength and courage we can find to battle through it all and build bridges between us.




The Story Behind the Story: All of my novels begin with one idea, and Six Minutes started with the simple question, “Do we ever really know the truth behind why something happened?”


This question hit me when I was driving alone in my car and heard on the news that a small boy had died after falling from a balcony. The story was upsetting, and I realized that I would probably never hear an update or learn what had happened. And then I realized that even the people who were in the apartment, or knew the child, may never know exactly what happened.


Six Minutes is really a story about how an event can shape our lives, or more accurately, how our perceptions of an event can shape our lives.







A question for you before you go, Kathy:


What is your favorite part of writing and the part you enjoy the least?


My absolute favorite part of writing is watching the characters take life. I just start with an idea, so even I don’t know the characters when I first start writing, and I just love getting to know them.


I find the isolation of writing challenging. I miss getting out of the house, having colleagues, and being part of a team. Also, sometimes it’s tough to measure productivity, like when I’ve been working for 4 hours and have 2 sentences to show for it. I know it’s because I was doing research, or plotting out other chapters, or editing other sections, but sometimes hours fly by and it just doesn’t feel like I got much done.


Thank you for being our guest this week, Kathy. Wishing you continued success with your writing journey.




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