Sunday 14 May 2023

The Story Behind the Story with Author Don Bourque of Moncton, NB, Canada.


I had the pleasure of meeting Don at the GMRD Book Fair in Riverview, NB, on April 22nd of this year and we had tremendous fun meeting new readers and sharing our stories.

Don graciously agreed to be our guest this week and tell us the Story Behind the Story.

Read on, my friends.

Born and raised in the Moncton, NB area, Don Bourque spent 37 years in the Army Reserve and retired as a senior officer. In civilian life, he worked in public education and private sector mental health. Writing has always been an interest, since being encouraged by his Grade 12 English teacher. Poetry and short prose were followed by a non-fiction account of his operational tour in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has now written and published two works of fiction, in Young Adult Fantasy.

Working Title: The Willow’s Wake Trilogy: Vol 1 Willow Awakened, Ascended, Avenged and Vol 2 The Grand Chieftain.


Synopsis: Born of inter-racial rape, a young Night Elf/Wood Sprite takes on racism with her newfound allies. Willow Awakened, Ascended, Avenged is a trilogy of Young Adult Fantasy novellas with a strong female character who comes of age while caught between two cultures.

A smith’s apprentice raised to lead a village, Garnidel is thrust into a war against the encroachment of humanity. Volume 2 of The Willow’s Wake Trilogy by Canadian author Don Bourque, The Grand Chieftain takes us to new adventures across the great serpentine river.

The Story behind the Story: At first, my inspiration in writing this trilogy was to inspire young people to resist bullying and address racism. As the story developed, the theme changed to resisting colonization and will conclude with conciliation.


A question before you go, Don:

Can you tell us about the perfect setting you have, or desire, for your writing? Music or quiet? Coffee or tequila?  Neat or notes everywhere?

I write best in a quiet corner of my living room, with a glass of water or cup of coffee close at hand. Most of my “notes” are bullet points on PowerPoint slides.




Thank you for being our guest this week, Don. Wishing you lots of success with your writing.


And a big thank you to our visitors and readers. You folks are the best.

On another note:

Good news for those who are waiting for Volume 2 of the Alexanders Series.

You are the first folks to see the new cover. Copies available by mid-June.

Watch here for more details.

Thank you.

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