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The Story Behind the Story with Author Shani Dykens of Saint John, NB, Canada.



Last week you met Amanda and Shani of PIP.

If you missed it, please go HERE.

 This week you will be able to discover Shani’s stories as she shares the SBTS of her newest work, which is due for publication soon.

You can even read an excerpt below.

Read on my friends.




Shani: I’ve been writing most of my life but never seriously. I spent 15 years as a cake decorator while raising my family until I decided that what I really wanted to do was write so I hung up my oven mitts and picked up a pen. Best decision ever. 



Working Title: There are a couple of books that  I am currently working on. Blades and To the Centerfield and Back from the Baxter’s Lake Boys series and a standalone called No Matter What



Synopsis: The closest to completion is Blades. Enemies to Lovers. Jaime and Ian are friends of the MC (main character) from the first two books. They briefly appear in both stories. Emotionally unavailable Jaime is a bladesmith who owns her own forge and Ian is a pop/rock star. Jaime hates Ian at first but warms up to him. Ian is immediately besotted.

To the Centerfield and Back. Secret baby. This is a couple of high school sweethearts that broke up when the MC is drafted by a major league baseball team. The get back together a few years later and have a fling but she doesn’t find out she’s pregnant until after they separate. They meet up again later.

No Matter What. Second Chance love. Crissa and Jack were married until a tragedy strikes. They both move on with their lives until they realize they still love each other.



The Story Behind the Story: Music is my inspiration. I have playlists that I listen to that are specific to each WIP. I love flawed characters that have imperfections that make them perfect for each other.



Website: Go HERE.



A couple questions before you go, Shani:


Scribbler: Can you tell us about the perfect setting you have, or desire, for your writing? Music or quiet? Coffee or tequila?  Neat or notes everywhere?

Shani: Always music. I usually have a bag of candy and, of course, there are multiple cups of half drunk coffee scattered around my workstation.


Scribbler: What’s next for Shani Dykens, the Author?

Shani: Hopefully, I’ll have Blades completed by the end of the year. To the Centerfield and Back will probably be the end of next year and No Matter What is a couple of years out.


An excerpt from Blades.

He pulled up in front of the address she told him and turned off the engine. He waited until she was off before swinging his leg over himself. He hooked his own helmet on the handlebar before he leaned back on his bike, legs spread out in front of him while watched her unclip the buckle and taking the helmet off. She was gorgeous. Her dark hair set off her honeyed skin perfectly. It looked smooth and silky, hardly a blemish. There was one small freckle above her puffy upper lip that begged to be kissed. Her almond-shaped, lion like eyes gave her a slightly exotic look that completely turned him on. She took a minute to run a hand through her hair and try to get a handle on her arousal, as she handed him the helmet back.

Ian took it from her and hooked it on the opposite handlebar. He looked over at her house, trying to imagine what the inside would look like. The outside was neat and tidy, obviously well looked after. The craftsman was painted a soft butter yellow and what he assumed was a bright white trim. There was a light inside. He wondered if she had someone waiting inside for her or did she leave the light on herself.

"Thanks for the ride." Her words broke into his thoughts.

He smiled at her, "Anytime. I mean that. Anytime you want to take a ride, say the word and I'm here."

"Ian-" She said hesitantly.

"Say it again." His voice was urgent.

She looked at him quizzically, "Say what again?"

"My name. That's the first time you've ever said my name."

"No, it's not." She tried to think back over the past couple of weeks.

"Yes, it is." He insisted, "If you refer to me at all, you always call me pretty boy."

"That can't be right."

"Say it."


"Come on Jamie, please."

"Don't you ever get tired of hearing the word 'no'?" She almost laughed.


"Ian... happy?"

His smile was huge, dimples almost big enough to climb in. "Again."

"God, you're an idiot." She rolled her eyes at him.

"Say it again."

"Ian." He loved the way his name sounded coming from her mouth. That slightly husky voice that made him think dirty thoughts.

"Jesus, I love the sound of that." In fact, he liked it way too much.

Jamie was flustered by his apparent happiness over her saying his name. She wasn't used to this kind of interaction, which was her only reasoning for what happened next.

"Do you want to come in for coffee?" The words were out of her mouth before she even realized what she said.

That was the last thing he expected her to say.

"Coffee?" he asked quietly.

"Uh," she practically wilted in front of him before she caught herself and straightened up, "It’s the least I can do after you got me home safely."

"Jamie, admit it, you like me." he grinned.

"No, I don't. You're annoying, I'm just being polite." Ian threw his head back and laughed. Jamie didn't see the humour. He watched her lips thin as she pressed them together.

"I'm not going to come in for coffee no matter how much you beg, remember? I promised and I always keep my promises." He pushed away from his bike to take a step closer to her. He put his hands on the open zipper of his jacket she was still wearing to pull her half a step closer to him. Her eyes widened slightly, and he thought he heard her breath hitch. Her golden eyes dropped to his mouth before looking back up into his. Interesting that they were very green tonight instead of hazel she was used to seeing. Was she imagining the twinkle? She was close enough to see how thick and spiky his lashes were. Yup, that was a twinkle. She was in trouble.

"Jamie?" He was asking her something. She didn't hear the question. Why was it hard to focus?

"Huh?" Brilliant, Jamie, she silently berated herself. She saw him smirk.

"Do you want me to kiss you right now?" His voice was deceptively calm. He could feel his erection throb against the rough denim of his jeans.

"What? No!" She gave herself a mental shake. “I told you-"

"Yeah, yeah, not your type, I know."

"Good, I'm glad we understand each other." She slid the jacket off her shoulders and handed it back to him. "Thanks again for the ride." She said as she stepped back. She watched him put the jacket on, his shirt riding up, allowing her a glimpse of taut stomach before settling it over his broad shoulders. She couldn't help but sweep her eyes over the rest of his body. She felt a jolt at realizing he was hard. She swallowed thickly.


She looked up at him but didn't say anything. 

"You better go in the house before I take you right here on my bike."

Jamie stared for a few seconds, trying to process what he just said. She had been fighting him since the first day he came into the shop. What would he do if she called his bluff? She could see the desire in his eyes. Did she really want to push him? She was looking for something tonight until he came along and screwed up her plans. He was here and obviously willing. Should she? She didn't bring her hook ups home though. What would he say if she suggested going to a hotel? Slowly, she closed the gap between them, laying her hands on his chest and slid them up to wind around his neck. She pulled his head down and crushed her mouth to his.



Thank you Shani for being our guest and your compelling excerpt. Wishing you lots of success with your writing.


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