Saturday 23 December 2023

2023 was Fantastic!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Scribbler.


2023 has been nothing less than Fantastic.

Over 80,000 visitors.

How long they stayed is only a guess but I expect there were many who gave it a read.

For all my visitors, readers and guests, I am eternally grateful.



Forty-six guests.

Top 3.


Lisette Meuse-Manuel



It’s been an exciting year for Lisette since the publication of her self-help book, Prepare to Pause. Read more HERE.


James Fisher

Editor-in-chief of The Miramichi Reader.



The original post dates back to October 2018, in earlier days for TMR. One of our most popular interviews with 9685 page views. Wow!

Check it out HERE. Check out TMR HERE.


Luc Desroches.



Like Lisette above, this is Luc’s debut book. It’s been making a splash with the changing work dynamics of so many people working from home.

Have a look HERE.




2023 saw the creation of the first Greater Moncton Riverview & Dieppe Book Fair.

April 22nd.

The event was a terrific success. Readers roamed the aisles all day from 10 until 4.

Authors from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia met each other and connected with many new readers.

Find out more HERE.


Next year is in the planning stages but the date is set.

July 27th, 2024.

Same location: Lion’s Community Centre, Riverview Dieppe.

Same fantastic collection of stories from every genre.





I had the pleasure of participating in book and craft fairs throughout the province and venturing as far as Halifax and Truro during the year.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet new readers. Some books travelled to different parts of Canada and the US.


Another thank you to all who took a chance on my stories.





I am excited to be a contributor to the latest Anthology of the Path Series.


Springs Paths


Join eight other authors and me as we weave different tales of springtime paths. You can discover more HERE.






I introduced two new titles to my readers.

The Alexanders Vol. 2. 1921 – 1925


The continuation of Dominic Alexander’s life in Canada. From a fourteen year old immigrant to a successful young businessman.

More HERE.


Shattered: The Final Act.


The finale of the Shattered Series.

Discover more of Jo Naylor HERE.



Thank you again faithful and new readers and visitors.



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