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The Story Behind the Story with author Dianne Pennell of New Brunswick, Canada.

 Let’s welcome Dianne to the Scribbler. 

She is sharing the SBTS of her novels and we are extremely pleased to have her as our guest this week.

 Dianne will be participating in the GMRD Book Fair in July and we hope to see you there. 

Read on my friends.




I was born and raised in the beautiful province of Newfoundland where the heart of storytelling is well known.

I graduated from nursing with honors and been awarded.  It had taken me to the province of New Brunswick where I worked as a Director of Nursing for Veterans.

In between, my immense energy guided me to further my knowledge into the world of fitness. I trained and became a fitness instructor  with the YMCA, Sir Wilfred College, and Forever Young Fitness , promoting wellness.

Fitness like writing is still a major part of my life to competing in races, triathlons, doathlons, marathons with many medals, ribbons, and trophies to show.

I received during that timing my First Aid, First Responder training  to teach many  classes enhancing care for individuals in need.

I have and will always be a story teller, a story writer. It is a passion from childhood and with life experiences, it lead me to writing novels in the form of series whereas I am completing my series and starting a new one.

I enjoy long stories leaving each book to be 500+ pages of pure enjoyment!





The Second Book in the series is titled:  SECRETS AND VENDETTAS

The Third and final book of this series is in the finishing stages of writing.



Truth Behind the Lies

Julie Collins has always longed for a true family and hopes to expand her marriage happiness with a child.  But her husband, Mike, has become increasingly career-driven, uninterested in complicating their lives with a baby. With Mike now almost entirely absent from their home, Julie begins to suspect more could be going on than she first thought, and her life isn't quite as on track as she had hoped.  Her determination not to give upon her dreams of motherhood has unintended consequences, and Julie is flung into an unexpected encounter with friendship and, perhaps, a chance at a family.  As her perfect future draws nearer, her past begins to close in;  can anyone truly escape from the lies of their past


Secrets and Vendettas

The light of Julie’s soul is fading. One pain too many; one more loss to endure. Julie, herself, is fading from reality. She lies dormant below the fire of rage, hate, and revenge. Yes, that’s where Julie has gone, and no longer able to awaken from its burning control. The shell of the old Julie can be deceiving as she carries on life without anyone knowing her secret. Only the fire can disguise her that way. The new Julie has only one focus, revenge on her once believed mother. Flames run through Julie’s veins; she begins to lie and plot, only to have her day of payback to see her mother trampled to dust. Yet, how far will this fire Julie go, and to what lengths will be taken when the unexpected challenges face?

Samantha, once believed to be an enemy, becomes a trusted soulmate when they are drawn together by a force neither can explain. Unknown to the other, both suffered as children only to live with revenge of payback to the ones that caused it. Now two women are left with the same fire burning: controlling their every move.

How far will they go to remove the stain of the past from their lives while risking losing of what’s precious to both. What are they willing to let go, just to have that day.



The Story Behind the Story:

That is a question which takes me on different avenues  to give a true answer. “What” inspired the writing of this series.

I was at the end of a 25k run in training for a marathon. As I passed the Hospital on my route, I came  upon a group of men and women holding signs as they marched back and forth the side walk  leading to the entry of the hospital.  I read the signs, asking simple to say a life that could not speak for itself. To give a chance to life and then allow that life to breath, to walk, maybe run like me. Allow a life the opportunity to experience , feel, and give love. Maybe that life not to be perfect, but at least a chance to find out.

I felt  a caring, a mission, as they protest for what they believed in without fear. Then it came to me, what if , in one of my stories, a young girl not wanting to lose the life of her baby, had that life cruelly taken from her and the consequences arising thereafter.  Maybe we don't know what goes on inside the life of another. Maybe we don't know what the reason is it could happen.  Maybe they simply not want the life inside them, but why. Then I realize life can be taken in many different ways. What happens  when motherly love is taken without warning, without guilt, or with guilt. What happens  to the child, the youth, the adult in the end when never to find it. What happens to young girls that somehow are found to travel one of those paths.  And so , my story begins to follow the lives of  two women, searching for that motherly love. Searching for a reason and in the end what they would sacrifice to finding it.



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A question before you go, Dianne:

Scribbler: What is the ideal spot for you when you write your stories? Music in the background or quiet. Coffee or tequila? Messy or neat?

Dianne: After a good workout, a long run, a morning of skiing  and swimming, I find my way home, where I like to be allow in my house office. Silence, cup of Chai Tea, and nothing to distract.  I sit, and for some reason, it happens, words begin to flow. A story line takes place. The pleasure of writing leaves me enchanted as I watch what is overflowing in my thoughts to dance across the keyboard.  That stimulation of the mind's wanting to unload the stories that built up begins the moment I  start my workout, speeding my endurance to get home and begin. Oh yes, I'm in heaven in front of my computer as my fingers dance across the keys and  my ears plays the tune of the many never ending stories waiting to be released just for everyone to enjoy and themselves get lost in a world of a story I created for them.


An Excerpt from Truth Behind the Lies:     (Epilogue)


Constantly, we search for that feeling, the one we cannot survive without.  If for any reason, we cannot find it our longing for it will keep us searching. It haunts our inner souls until the day comes that we have found it.

That longing is inside each one of us, pushing until we find satisfaction. What is this feeling! Will it give stability, peace or happiness?  

Yet, having it, and suddenly taken from you, why is it then, you remembered how it felt?

It is always through that moment of loss that you truly understand the feeling.

It is one with pain, and it is one with pleasure.

Strange is this want, the need is desperate, yet never to understand the complexity of what it holds to maintain survival?

We search until it becomes our greatest craving. The most exhilarating one a human being can feel.

Simply, it is love.




Thank you for being our guest, Dianne. We wish you continued success with your stories.


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  1. I have read and reread “Secrets and Lies” and “Secrets and Vendettas”and am anxiously awaiting for Dianne’s last book of this very well written trilogy to be published.
    They are real page turners and keep you guessing what could possibly happen next.
    The characters in her books are so real .
    I was especially impressed with her character, Julie, because she was so nice and hardworking , but the hardships she had to endure were endless and made her pitiful.
    The transformation that Julie went through and the strength she gained was very impressive!
    Dianne , I love you and your books !
    Love Margaret

  2. Such a pleasure to read those book. I know Dianne as a good friend and it was a delight to discover that side of her....Bravo et bonne chance avec ton 3e livre !!

  3. Thank you Margaret for the encouraging and heart filled comment. You have read between the lines so well. I thank you heartfully

  4. Thank you for your kind words Rejeanne.


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