Saturday 11 November 2017

Guest Author Ivan 'Doc' Holiday of Florida

"I haven't seen everything as a bouncer, but I've seen enough!" - quote by our guest, Ivan 'Doc' Holiday.

This is the Doc's second visit to the Scribbler. He participated in a 4Q Session in February, 2016 and you can read it here

He is accepted worldwide as a leading authority in the field of nightclub & bar security today. At 59 years old, Doc has worked over 150 nightclubs & bars in both Canada and the US, a career spanning 35 years. Doc is the REAL Roadhouse. The author of four books pertaining to nightclub and bar security, he travels worldwide, offering his expertise as the ‘Best Damn Cooler in the Business’ to establishments with bouncer problems and serious security issues. His new book 'Roadhouse Legacy' is Ivan's first fiction novel.

An excerpt from his novel - Roadhouse Legacy. (copyright is held by the author. Used with permission)

Back at the house, Katherine sat at the kitchen table with a pen and a few sheets of writing paper.  Her letter was short but hard to write. She didn't want to sound desperate or foolish. She was writing a letter to a man she had never met. Who was this Wade Garrett that her dad was staking his whole life's savings on, along with hers and Casey’s?  Katherine fought the fiends of doubt and fear that taunted her as she wrote. Her pen moved across the white paper as the light from the desk lamp flickered and followed her every stroke.  Katherine sighed with relief as she finally signed her name at the bottom of the page. There would be no redraft or grammar check. She wanted to mail it quickly before the feeling of doubtfulness forced her to abandon all hope. Katherine sealed the envelope and stared at the name and address written on the front.

Mr. Wade Garrett

C/O The Double Deuce

1998 Young Street

Jasper, Missouri


She hoped that her dad was right. Katherine didn't believe in asking God for a miracle, but at this moment she could use all the help she could get. Katherine felt almost like a schoolgirl pressing the letter to her lips for good-luck. Sent with a hope and a prayer, she hoped that her Dad was right and said a prayer that this Wade Garrett would come.
Ivan's novel is available as an eBook here 
Paperback available in December.
Thanks for sharing a portion of your novel Ivan. Good luck with your book.
A SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU THE VISITOR - Please share your thoughts in the comment box at the bottom.
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