Saturday, 23 June 2018

Jeff’s Musical Car with Jeff Boudreau.

Something Different this week!


I stumbled upon this interesting and original website recently while searching for music from local musician Josee Mills. Jeff  has a unique concept for introducing musical talent. Simply put, he drives them around in his vehicle, recording and taping them while they talk and play music.  He manages a YouTube channel which showcases his guests. He is kind enough to share some information in a 4Q Interview. Read on.

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4Q: Where did this ingenious idea come from Jeff?

JB: Working in television business for over 15 years, I have always been fascinated with video and TV production. When GoPro cameras first came out, I knew I wanted to have one. I mounted one in the front of my car one day to use it as a dashcam in hopes of capturing something spectacular on the road. One day, I was driving around with my son and he was singing along to a Ramones song I was listening to so I decided to turn my camera facing the car’s interior. Once I took a look at the footage, I decided to take it a step further and invited one of my long-time friends Crystal Kirk for what would become the first ever Jeff’s Musical Car video. The rest is history~

**Musician Josee Mills


4Q: When did you start doing this and how often do you post to YouTube or your website?


JB: I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary in November of 2017. I have released over 300 videos as of today and I release a new episode every Sunday evening.
**Musician Sass Jordan

4Q: Share a childhood memory or anecdote with us.

JB: Music has been a passion for me for as long as I can remember. I used to get a weekly allowance as a young teenager and as soon as I had money, I would head straight to the local record store in Bathurst to buy 2 CDs. I couldn’t get enough!

**Musician Natalie MacMaster

4Q: How do you line up your musicians with everyone’s different schedules and do you always take the same route?


JB: When I first started my series, I did all the bookings. Now that I’m gaining popularity thanks to social media video shares etc, I often have artists contacting me. As for the route, I usually take Main Street in Moncton because it’s slow moving and there aren’t a lot of potholes.

**Musician Jesse Cook

Thank you Jeff for being our guest this week and  telling us about Jeff’s Musical Car.


For those of you that want to listen to some very good music in an original setting, or check out a band before you buy the music, then drop by at these links.


This note is from Jeff's FaceBook page:
I'm closing in on half a million views between all of my videos! It's been a while since I said hello and thanks but I really do appreciate the support I get from everyone. Every video share, video like, Facebook page invite helps me tremendously. It's getting easier for me to spark up conversations with big label bands and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I also hope this series continues to spark interest in supporting your local music scenes and introducing you to new music. Thanks!

@jeffsmusicalcar (twitter and Instagram)

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