Saturday 9 October 2021

Branching Out with Photographer Sylvie Mazerolle of Moncton, NB.


It’s a treat to have Sylvie back for a Branching Out interview. She has been a guest before, once on her own – see it HERE. The second time she shared an interview with her author partner, Jason Hamilton – see it HERE.

There has been a lot going on since Sylvie’s last posting. New photographic series, a new picture book, a new website and beautiful new photos. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of Sylvie’s photos and I’m proud to say I own several prints of her work. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite because it would be too difficult to pick just one.

Let’s have a chat with Sylvie.

(Copyright is held on all photos. Used with permission)



Allan: What made you get into photography?


Sylvie: I tried other medium a few times (acrylic, watercolors, sketching) but I could never get it to look like the vision I had in my mind’s eye. It drove me nuts. Having worked in fashion and beauty as a makeup artist, fine art photography and editing photograph is very similar to the process of makeup application: Start with a basic image, remove the blemishes, enhance the beauty with light and shadows as well as colour combining. Photography brings me back to that meditative flow that I missed so much from makeup artistry.



Allan: What is your favourite subject to shoot?

Sylvie: A slice of LIFE. Something or someone with a past, a story to tell, character and textures. Things like crackled paint, weathered faces, pots and pans that have a patina from years of baking stacked in a mess, a farmer’s hands. Beauty is all around us.



Allan:  What does photography mean to you?

Sylvie:  It’s a form of therapy, escapism, meditation, documenting, creating, storytelling…it’s everything.


Allan: What is the most rewarding part of being a photographer?


Sylvie: Slowing down and connecting with my subject and/or viewers. With so much visual stimulation in our lives for someone to pause and feel your image enough to stop scrolling, it means you've captured something. Having someone see things or themselves in a different light (no pun intended) is so satisfying.


Allan: Provide me a quote from an artist (whatever medium) and tell me why it represents you.


"Nothing is impossible -The word itself says I'M Possible." ~ Audrey Hepburn

I really connect with this quote because when I set my sight on a goal that I truly want, I
fully believe it can be done. I go all in with F.A.I.T.H: Fully Anticipating It to Happen.
I try to not force things but more allowing things to present themselves.


Allan: What else would you like to mention?



Concept around you spin me:

I created these images on a trip to the amusement park with my son. I wanted him to experience all the wonders that this place had given me all those years ago. I hold those memories dearly.
The nostalgia of going to the fair as a young girl makes me smile. I can close my eyes and smell the cotton candy as its sweet scent travels with the cool nighttime breeze. Sipping out all the flavour and colour from the endless slushies with what seemed like a foot long curly straw.

I remember it so vividly.
I didn't go with the intension of creating for an exhibit but once I saw them all lined up, I really wanted to share them. I think they are fun.

Those endless evenings were some of the best parts of summer.










(Copyright is held on all photos. Used with permission)





Thank you, Sylvie, for sharing your thoughts and magnificent images. Wishing you continued success.


Please drop by her website - Sylvie Mazerolle Photography

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