Saturday 12 February 2022

The Story Behind the Story with Pierre Arseneault of Moncton, NB, Canada.


Let’s welcome Pierre back.

It has and it has not been a long time since Pierre has been a guest.  Most recently Pierre and I and seven other authors have collaborated on an anthology which has been well received and garnishing great reviews. More HERE.

Otherwise, Pierre was featured in a series of New Brunswick authors in 2015. See HERE.

It’s a pleasure to have him back and he is telling us about what’s new.



Pierre C. Arseneault is an author living in New Brunswick, Canada. So far, he’s written both solo and in collaboration in many genres including suspense, thrillers, crime, horror, drama and even a dark comedy.

Pierre is working on multiple projects at the moment. He’s written a new drama set in Carlton which is a sequel to some of the content in the anthology, Sleepless Nights. He’s currently writing a crime thriller and also working on Oakwood Island volume 3 with collaborator, Angella Cormier. His next solo horror novel titled Maple Springs is set for release in October 2022.


Working Title:

The current working title is Oakwood Island volume 3; with its actual title to be revealed at a later date.




Oakwood Island volume 3 is the final installment in a trilogy based on a blend of supernatural, curses, monsters and the earie but true existence of a parasitic fungus which causes what some call zombie ants. And while the books are not about the ants, I assure you said fungus and ants are real and have be found in the amazon rainforest. With that said, volume 3 will see revelations, conclusions and explanations of the strange happenings on Oakwood Island.


The Story Behind the Story:

As a writer, I’ve written both short stories and novels. I’ve also written solo and also in collaboration as well, which often boggles the minds of writers who’ve never collaborated. And as I’ve told many in the past, collaborating is fascinating to me as when discussing the story idea and feeding off each other’s input, this will lead us down storylines that we would have never gone down alone.

When Oakwood Island began, it was because of a conversation we had had about creating a setting and telling short stories set in this setting. So alone and over the span of about a month, Angella Cormier wrote three short stories set on her creation of Oakwood Island. I can tell you that I loved these stories, the setting and characters and the way she had interlinked them all together fascinated me. This left me wanting more.

And at this point, I need to point out that we had begun collaborating and together we had written the short story titled Henry and were already working on a few more which would end up being published in the book, Dark Tales for Dark Nights.

But discussions about her trio of short stories evolved into where these stories could possibly lead, something that had yet to be thought out. And feeling these were simply too good not to develop, this lead to us working together to eventually turn this into a trilogy.

With that said, the original stories had nothing to do with an amazon fungus and zombie ants. Those were the results of an overactive imagination and needing to explain some events that had not been fully developed yet. So, book one was the result of us expanding on the original three stories (which are in book one), developing them and adding back stories and just having a lot of fun. Book two was us steering the tale into a direction to further develop and expand some of the storyline. Book three will be filled with revelations, conclusions and explanations of the strange happenings on Oakwood Island.






A question before you go, Pierre.

What have been the most enjoyable and the least enjoyable about writing?


Pierre: My favorite part about writing is the empty page at the very beginning of a new work and the possibilities it represents. You can be anywhere and be anyone as the possibilities are endless. My least favorite is probably the pressure I put on myself, forgetting to just breath and enjoy it. That comes with having ideas come easy with not enough time to write them all. So, I have to keep reminding myself that it’s one sentence at a time.



Your new novel sounds intriguing, Pierre. Thanks for being our guest this week and sharing your thoughts. Wishing you continued success with your writing journey.

Pierre will also be a guest in the near future on the popular page – Shorts – Stories from Around the World. He is contributing a delightful tale titled – Lucky.


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