Saturday 30 April 2022

The Story behind the Story by Allan Hudson of Dieppe, Canada.


I am so excited to share my own Story Behind the Story this week.

Shattered Dreams is with the editor as I post this. I’m aiming for a publishing date of June 30th, or earlier.

For those are new to the site or the series, Shattered Dreams is the third book in the Jo Naylor series.

Once a Detective – Now a Fugitive. What happened?


Book One – Shattered Figurine.

Book Two – Shattered Lives.

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Working Title: Shattered Dreams


Synopsis: Jo Naylor has to leave the sunny skies and beaches of Thailand. It’s too dangerous for her to remain. A return home to Canada isn't an option. Stepping off the plane in Paris, she’s greeted by freezing rain and a new adventure.  Befriended by an older man, Jo is introduced to the glamorous city and unforgettable characters. Brandy Williams is an Australian expat who dreams of reporting for Le Figaro, one of Paris’ leading dailies. The lead she uncovers of forced prostitution may be her last.

When Brandy disappears, Jo is not one to turn away from trouble. She wonders who she can trust with her own secret. She doesn’t know the city well enough to search on her own. Bertrand Poitras, a small-time bookie and man about town offers to help. Having been a cop for so many years has made Jo leery of his type. Handsome, tough and with the right connections, she decides to give him a chance.


The Story Behind the Story: What started out as a short story a few years ago, Shattered Figurine evolved into a novella and the beginning of this series.

Jo Naylor is a detective. She and her partner, Adam Thorne, are investigating a case in which all clues lead to the trail of a serial killer. Her hunt for the killer gets too close to home. Naylor has suspicions of who the perpetrator may be, and she prays she’s wrong.

I published the short story in my collection titled A Box of Memories which contains twenty intriguing stories.

I always wondered what would happen to a detective if the person they were searching for, the person who commits heinous crimes, was a relative. How would they react? How would I react?

Thus, Shattered Figurine was born. Shattered Lives followed and now I am happy to bring my readers the third Book in the Series – Shattered Dreams.

There are two more novellas planned for this series. Book Four is being outlined and I hope to introduce my favorite character – Drake Alexander – to Jo and together they can solve a crime… or get in trouble.

If you happen to read the series, you will discover Jo Naylor cannot return to her home in Canada. Will she ever be able to?

You’ll have to wait and see.


I hope you’ll stay connected and watch for Shattered Dreams.


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  1. Lovely to hear your story, Allan!

    1. Thank you for visiting the Scribbler and your nice comment.

  2. Hi Allan, It is lovely to see you featured here. I was interested to learn about these novellas. I have been reflecting on novellas and think they are a good way to go with writing. Lots of young people don't have a lot of time and I think they favour shorter reads.

    1. I find novellas a nice change from the long work schedule of a thicker book. I agree with what you say about quicker reads. Thanks for visiting Robbie.


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