Saturday 23 April 2022

The Story Behind the Story with Ellen Khodakivska of Poland.


Hey there Scribbler fans.

This week you will meet Ellen Khodakivska.


We met on Twitter and it was the ingenious cover on her novel which intrigued me. I’ve since read her novel and enjoyed it tremendously.

She joins us all the way from Poland to share the Story Behind the Story.


Let’s meet Ellen.





Writing is my life, and despite all the challenges, obstacles, and storms, I’ll keep on writing even if there is only one person left who anticipates reading my next book.

      I’m a loving wife, mom of little Nik, an avid reader, animal lover, traveler, and tea drinker. I’m an author who loves my life and shares its milestones with the people I love the most!




Working Title: “The Watchmaker: A Clock Can Talk”



Synopsis: Time is tricky, unstoppable, and mysterial. It is pointless to argue with Time. All attempts to tame it are also hopeless. For some fathomless reason, truth is always on the side of Time. Meanwhile, Time loves to be appreciated. If you respect Time, it respects you back, revealing you some of its secrets.
Once a mysterious old woman offers Dominic Donelli’s great grandfather – an ordinary watchmaker – to possess a gift that will allow him to help people to manage Time wisely. He takes a risk and gives his consent. The watchmaker can’t even imagine a scale of the effect of his decision for him and his next generations.


The Story Behind the Story: “The Watchmaker: A Clock Can Talk” is based on a true story full of love stories and tragic losses, grief and blessing, mystic and mystery, gift and curse. Well, that’s how everything started.

Once upon a Time, I stuck at one of the numerous antique shops in Gjirokaster, Albania. I balanced on buying an old typewriter. Moreover, I was singing along to a tune that sounded from an old radio nearby. It was one of Toto Cutugno, an Italian singer who stole my heart a long Time ago.

Suddenly I felt someone observing me. I turned around and noticed an old man in a sky blue sweater. It was summer, and the sun was relentless. The man probably noticed that I was surprised by his outfit.

Then he stepped closer and said: “Buongiorno signorina! I bet that your heart belongs to Italy. And you’re also curious about my sweater”.

I just smiled, looking at the weird old man, whose green eyes looked much younger than his age.

Meanwhile, he talked: “Let’s make a deal! I’ll tell you about a sweater, and you’ll let me know about your wristwatch. I guess it’s a gift from your parents on your 16th or 18th anniversary. Don’t look at me like that! I’m old, but not naive! I know that one story about a sweater is not enough for a book! I’ll tell you a bit more. You’re a writer, aren’t you?”

I stood with my jaw half dropped.

He smiled kindly, winked at me, and added:

-      Sorry, I forgot my manners! My name is Dominic Donelli (that’s his name in the book)! I came from a family of watchmakers. And you have been peering at this typewriter for ages! Well, agree?

We found out that we had much in common during our long, fateful talk: we both love Italy, we both are strongly connected to Gift and Curse, and we both know for sure that ‘A Clock Can Talk.’ 





A question for you Ellen:


Please tell my readers about your podcast or your blog, what inspires it and how can we can find it.


Ellen: I don’t have any podcasts, but I have a blog where I share my musings, bookish preferences, and everything that inspires me with readers and fellow writers. Here is a link:




Thank you, Ellen, for your entertaining story and for sharing the Story Behind the Story. Wishing you continued success with your writing.



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  1. That is an amazing story behind the story. Ellen's book sounds intriguing.

    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Ellen's story has an interesting plot and I found it an entertaining read.


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