Saturday 31 December 2022

What a Year it has Been!


The last post for 2022.


After a three-week break, I’m glad to be back with you wonderful visitors and readers. I won’t ramble on too much about what I did or didn’t do in 2022, nor too much about 2023 other than wishing you only happy things in the future.


The Scribbler had a terrific year with super guests and interesting posts.

78,500 page views in 2022.

No statistics on how many stayed.

Some highlights below.

These are the five most popular:

#1 - MJ LaBeff with 1905 page views Go HERE.

#2 – Janet Sanford – 492 page views. Go HERE.

#3 – Christian Brun – 489 page views. Go HERE.

#4 - Darlene Foster – 359 page views. Go HERE.

#5 – Heather McBriarity – 328 page views. Go HERE.


Most popular Page views.

#1 – SHORTS with 2270 page views. Go HERE.

    #2 – About Me with 1680 page views. Go HERE.

                            #3 – Father with 1007 page views. Go HERE.



I’ve had the good fortune of publishing two novellas this year, Father & Shattered Dreams, as well as my newest novel, Code name: Iron Spear 1941. I also participated in an anthology – Winter Paths - with eight other authors. The response to my stories has been overwhelming and I am so thankful to my faithful readers and new readers who take a chance on my stories.


For more info, please go here – Father

Shattered Dreams

Code Name: Iron Spear 1941

Winter Paths. An anthology.




There are so many people I need to thank, and I probably missed a few but I appreciate every share, every comment, every purchase of my books.


Allen & Gracia

Sally Cronin

Anne Smith-Nochasak

A M Mawhinney

James Fisher

Leonard Shortall

MJ LaBeff

Stephen Shortall and Therese LeBlanc

Angela Wren

Merk Scott Piper

Caleb Pirtle III

The Seasonal Collective.

Debby Geis


There is lots of good things to look forward in the new year. Returning guests and New Guests. Some artists as well as authors.

Sarah Butland - Author.

Susan Bernhardt - Author. 

Kayla Geitzler- Author & Poet Laureate. 

Mark Scott Piper - Author.

Sonia Nicholson - Author.

Christopher Sweet - Author.

Margaret Eaton - Author.

Susan White - Author.

Shannon Beers - Artist.

….to be continued with more fun guests.



What’s coming for 2023!


The Alexanders. Vol 2. 1921 – 1930.

I am working on the first draft of I hope to have it ready for summer 2023.

The Roaring Twenties. Flappers and Speakeasys. The good years before the Depression.

Dominic Alexander watches his business grow, itches to be a father but fate works against him and Maria, his wife. In his adventures, he will encounter enemies, questionable friendships. There will be good times and sad times. Dealing with a criminal element trying to disrupt his business. Issues arise which people aren’t prepared to deal with in the twenties.



Shattered Series with Jo Naylor

I am almost finished the fourth installment in the Shattered Series. Not sure what the title will be yet but I’m leaning towards Shattered Hope. The story takes place in New Zealand. Jo is nicely settled in and avoiding all possible trouble spots, but…

When a new friend explains how her sister might be in trouble, Jo can’t stop herself from getting involved. A young man from Canada is missing and assumed dead. Jo’s not alone this time either. The parents of the boy missing have asked a good friend to intervene. Drake Alexander and Jo Naylor make a formidable team. What they uncover is one of the worst crimes possible.



Spring Paths

I’m planning my short story for the next Anthology with the Seasonal Collective which is targeted for November 2023. We will have two new members joining the Collective – Gianetta Murray of Great Britain and Eden Monroe of New Brunswick.



Planned for the future:

Fifth and final installment for the Shattered Series.

A novel based on my short story, One Bedroom Ark. Go HERE.

The next Drake Alexander Adventure which will take him and his team to Africa.



Other than that, I'd like to go on a trip somewhere with my best friend, Gloria. Maybe Spain.


I’d like to volunteer but can’t decide. I’m giving myself until the end of January to make a commitment.

Do you volunteer anywhere? I’d love to hear about what you do and/or some suggestions.


Thank you again all you valuable readers and visitors. May you only have happy things happen in 2023.


  1. Best wishes for the New Year and I'm looking forward to reading your posts, Allan.

  2. Have a wonderful 2023 Allan and looks like plenty to keep you busy... see you around the usual haunts..


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