Saturday 7 January 2023

The Story Behind the Story with Author Sarah Butland of Nova Scotia, Canada.


The first post of 2023 is with Nova Scotia Author, Sarah Butland.

This is her second visit to the Scribbler, and we are pleased to have her as a guest once more. To revisit her first posting, please go HERE.

She has lots of new books and she’s going to tell us about her newest publication.


Let’s hear from Sarah. 



Filling her days with writing adjacent to-do’s, Sarah Butland has always considered herself a writer and a fraudster. A total pantser, whenever Butland gives herself permission to write the characters show up and chat. While writing is a struggle for some, just finding the time is the challenge she faces as she works full time, plus freelances, and markets, and sometimes cleans the house, rarely but even folds the laundry sometimes.

At five years old Butland knew she was a writer and still lets that kid out sometimes through the page. Despite all doubts, discouragement and challenges, for Butland writing is as vital as breathing. Now living in Nova Scotia, she spent fifteen years in New Brunswick impressing teachers with her ability to create darkness, edit newspapers and often have her letters to the editor in the local newspaper published.


Working Title: Gaining It At 41


Synopsis: Annabelle's story isn't over. After being introduced to her in Losing It At 40, readers demanded more; Gaining It At 41 offers all that and more! A mix of romance, comedy and characters that will last a lifetime, Gaining It At 41 is a must read.

Annabelle says:

My age was a factor. Not to mention my contraceptive measures that failed and delayed menopause that I had to look forward to while raising a toddler. I asked about tying my tubes before the test was positive and they laughed, very unprofessionally, but I had the right. Abigail was a miracle, after all. A healthy miracle child, they told me, after numerous precautions taken not to have her exist at all.



The Story behind the Story: I wrote Gaining It At 41 as the sequel to Losing It At 40 which was in high demand. My second romance, Gaining Its premise was sparked when a friend mentioned Annabelle should get pregnant. Nothing else seemed to inspire me until that was mentioned which magically sparked the next step.

Writing romance has been interesting as it wasn’t my first genre of choice, not reading many in that category. With the recommendation of the genre gaining in popularity due to ereaders and readers not being ashamed of the racy covers, I thought I’d give it a try. What an adventure it has been!

Birthdays for me have always been skewed with emotions, false starts and forgotten wishes so this was my opportunity to write a birthday themed celebration that honoured a fresh start and a great day.

Within about three months I wrote the first book and, about a year later, another three months to write the second, something sparked. With a natural comedic tone, Annabelle reinvents herself when she turns 40 in Losing It At 40 (written before I turned 40 myself, not before I lost “it”) and in Gaining It At 41, Annabelle learns even more.

Gaining It At 41 to me is just wrapping up a chaotic, hilarious adventure of a romance with a nice bow with icing on top.

Website: Please visit my site at to see what I’m up to, for a free award-winning short story and my latest review.


A question before you go, Sarah.


Can you tell us about the perfect setting you have, or desire, for your writing? Music or quiet? Coffee or tequila?  Neat or notes everywhere?


For me it’s never about the setting, it’s about the time. With limited time available to dedicate to the art, setting up the perfect place and finding the best drink cuts into the time I have to write. I simply open my laptop and let my fingers dance across the keyboard, hoping they make sense while blocking out the room. While I’m not organized at all, though would love to be, as a pantser I don’t need notes – just a blank page and a keyboard, and to stop checking Facebook.

Thanks so very much for having me here and for supporting Canadian authors!



Thank you so much for being our guest this week, Sarah. Wishing you continued success with your writing.



And a BIG thank you to my readers and visitors.

Who’s your favorite author?




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