Saturday 29 April 2023

The Story Behind the Story with Jane Doucet of Nova Scotia, Canada.


It's a pleasure to have Jane with us again. She was a guest almost a year ago and if you missed her visit, please go HERE.

This week Jane is going to tell us about her novel – The Pregnant Pause. Released with a new publisher and a new cover, she is excited about sharing the news with you.

Jane Doucet is a journalist whose articles have appeared in myriad national magazines, including Chatelaine and Canadian Living. In 2017, she self-published her debut novel, The Pregnant Pause, which was shortlisted for a 2018 Whistler Independent Book Award. Jane is thrilled that in spring 2023, Halifax-based Vagrant Press is rereleasing The Pregnant Pause with a fresh new cover. In 2021, Vagrant published Jane’s second novel, Fishnets & Fantasies. Jane’s third book, Lost & Found in Lunenburg, which Vagrant will publish in fall 2023, combines characters from her first two novels. Jane lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her husband.

 Title: The Pregnant Pause


 Synopsis: Just before her thirty-seventh birthday, Rose Ainsworth has her first attack of baby fever. She adores children, especially her sister’s kids, but she’s facing a dilemma. Not only is her husband refusing to commit to becoming a parent, but her friends are drowning in all the joys of mothering. She feels cut off and, worst of all, she’s worried that maybe she isn’t motherhood material. Rose’s journey through the potential pitfalls and prospects of parenting is a roller coaster ride—a journey that many women travel as they work, play and listen to their biological clock ticking away.


The Story behind the Story: In 2003, when I was in my mid-thirties, I was searching for a lighthearted, funny novel to read that sent a positive message to women who assumed they’d have children but, for whatever reason, it didn’t happen. I couldn’t find one, so I decided to try writing one myself. There are lots of novels that end with ‘And she had a baby and lived happily ever after.’ I wanted to write a different story. I signed with a literary agent in London, England, but after three months of revisions, we parted ways over creative differences around the ending. Discouraged, I let the manuscript sit in a drawer for 14 years. Then, in 2017, with a friend’s encouragement, I decided to self-publish it. And now I’m thrilled that Vagrant Press is giving it new life by rereleasing it.




“When are you planning to have a baby?” Vincente didn’t care if he stepped over the line. Vincente ignored the line.

“That’s just it, we don’t know if we are,” said Rose. “I’ve been trying to decide over the past few months. I mean, it’s such a serious decision. If we have a baby and then find out we aren’t cut out to be parents, it’s not like we can give it away.”

“Sure you can, sweetie, you can give it to me. I’ll bring up your baby,” Vincente said charitably. It was no secret that he was eager to adopt, but his partner—Paulo from Puerto Rico, who was in his early fifties—thought they were too old.

“Thanks that’s kind of you,” said Rose. “I’ll think about it.”

“Good girl,” said Vincente.




A question before you go, Jane:

Can you tell us about the perfect setting you have, or desire, for your writing? Music or quiet? Coffee or tequila?  Neat or notes everywhere?


The quiet of my home office, working on my iMac at my sit-stand desk. Decaf green tea and dark chocolate, daily (can’t write without them). Neat most of the time, but sometimes—especially in the early stages of research—notes everywhere.

Thanks for being our guest this week, Jane. Wishing you lots of success with your books.

And a HUGE thank you to all our visitors and readers.


  1. I like the cover. It’s light-hearted and gives the reader a good idea of what’s inside. And how lovely to get a publisher and find a new readership. Wishing the author much success.

  2. Great cover, awesome author and LOVE that you stood your ground and showed them who is boss to continued success. I have my copy by my side now, ready to be read. With the original cover... call me weird but I wanted the old school one.

    Seriously though, such a terrific tale of an author finding the right path and now, in talks for a show... so outstanding!

    Thanks for featuring her on your Scribbler!

    Sarah Butland

    1. I think it's a great cover too, Sarah. Looking forward to reading the story. Thanks for visiting.


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