Saturday 25 May 2024

The Story Behind the Short Stories with Eden Monroe and Angella Cormier. Both of New Brunswick, Canada.


This week we are going to discuss the SBTS for the popular Anthology – Spring Paths - with two terrific storytellers

Our guests are the final two contributors and they are sharing their inspiration.

If you missed the previous SBTS for Spring and Summer Paths, then please go HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE.


Eden Monroe writes about real life, real issues and struggles, and triumphing against all odds. A proud east coast Canadian, she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, and a good book.


Title of Short Story: Nante


Synopsis: Saffie is a gifted high school student with an axe to grind about her absent father. So she takes matters into her own hands and finds that murder is not only satisfying payback for her broken heart, but the perfect antidote to high IQ boredom. And then she meets her match, but all spider webs are dangerous when fools rush in.



Inspirations: In Spring Paths I briefly step out of my lane as a romantic suspense and mystery author. It’s incredibly freeing to create something deliciously outrageous, then tear it up and write something even more unconscionable. That’s how Foul Play was born, a read-aloud class project that became a short story. No one, living or dead that I’m familiar with, inspired Foul Play in any way. My sole ambition was to conjure up an interesting psychopath.

Eden has been a guest previously and you can read it HERE.



Angella Cormier grew up in St-Antoine, in southeast New Brunswick. It was in this small town’s library where her love of reading and writing were born. Her curious nature about everything mysterious and paranormal helped carved the inspiration for her current passion of writing horror and mystery stories. She is also a published poet, balancing out her writing to express herself in these two very opposing genres. Angella has an extensive background in Interactive Multimedia Technology since 1998. She now owns and operates “Ancor Creative Solutions” as a personal creative assistant, where she proudly helps other writers with their cover design and book formatting, among with many other services.

Title of Short Story: Love and Crafts.

Synopsis: One will brighten your day while the other will keep you in the dark, never to be known. Kindness or Judgment; which would you choose?


Inspirations: My main character was inspired by a good friend of mine who is a free-spirited bird watcher and is often seen with her binoculars and notepad, counting the birds she spots. I was motivated to choose the setting of the story by the beautiful town of Shediac, New Brunswick area, specifically the Pointe-du-ChĂȘne wharf and Shediac Island nearby.

The idea started percolating one day while parked out there, watching the coastal birds flying to and from both locations. I wondered what if there are things they see out there that we haven’t yet?

The theme sprouted as I noticed an increase of judgmental and bigoted behaviours, both on and offline. I pondered, what if we truly understood what someone else was going through? What if we saw things from their perspective; how much more would we understand then? Would we be as unkind if we knew all the little details that are unknown to us?

Although it is fiction, I aimed to bring up a very important life lesson, and that is to not judge another, as you do not know what they are going through, nor do you know the full story, even if you think you do.

Angella has been a guest before and you can read it HERE.


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Thank you ladies, for being our guests this week. We wish you continued success with your writing.


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