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Guest Author Michael Marcondes of New England, USA

I’ve always enjoyed writing but you may be amazed to learn, I’m not so much of a reader. I used to skip parts of high school reading assignments because reading would put me to sleep. I started writing when I was a teenager on a sci-fi time story but couldn’t finish because of my lack in knowledge about government affairs in cold war time. Once I stopped I got busy with jobs I held and life in general until 2006/7 when I wrote a totally new sci-fi book of science fiction and real time science mix together in a time traveler adventure story, The Traveler the beginning, which is out now.

My writing schedule is sporadic. Unfortunately, with my almost always weekly changing work schedule I have no structured writing schedule so I can go weeks and months without doing a single thing and then I get a weekend or week of down time and, wham, I may write entire chapters all at once.

Publication has been a long, sometimes tedious and unfulfilling road with a lot of disappointment -much of it was caused by my former publisher. Looking back, after I spent around a year of researching what I needed to know about Indie publication vs. publishers vs. using agents I still didn’t know nearly enough. While I was searching for a publisher and found a Christian based place whom I called. We made a deal and arrangements for the books but over time I started to see a trend at the publisher who really wasn’t helping much since the books went public. A year and a half into it I fought to market myself and do mostly everything including foot huge multi-thousand dollar bills to get known while trying to balance life, several family tragedies and an ever-changing monthly career schedule. It’s taught me a lot, which I believe as a Charismatic Christian and author I probably needed as part of a great future that is still being written! Because of the hard road I was forced to take I believe I will be able to offer my reading fans someone awesome surprises in the future – which I am currently in progress of now. Hint, hint!

I have two other books in progress right now – a Christian fiction and another sci-fi. With God’s help I plan to complete these very soon. I’ve already done the leg work to lower my EBook prices from where the publisher had them and I am dedicated to the readers to make them more easily attainable by everyone worldwide. There’s also a new website coming February 2017!

My future plan is to commit to writing full time and get myself out of the eighteen-year computer and networking career that I am currently working in.

One favorite thing I enjoy is doing the book autograph signing events. It’s that excitement of seeing the person’s face after we’ve talked some about their lives, the book and about me. Second, I think once I’ve finally written the book as well and completely as I can before it goes to someone to edit and I see how the entire story has run its course - that makes the time and effort worthwhile.

When I’m not working or writing, I like to watch the Sci-Fi channel, documentaries or science shows on T.V. and attending family get-togethers like cookouts and birthday parties and other events.

There are two books currently out in EBook format. I am pleased to include a brief few paragraphs from them both here thanks to my interview host.  My inspired non-fiction Christian book “Life Explained a Journey to Selfless Love”;


Chapter 1 Love—Real Selfless Love

I was a little unsure where to begin and how to open this book in a way that would grab the reader’s attention, so as I wrote this sentence, I just placed it into the hands of the Lord, that He would write it for me and through me. I wanted to allow him to be in control without taking a chance that my limited human knowledge and abilities would ruin the content of the subject matter of these very important chapters.

Health and longevity of life ties to quality of life, and that’s something we all need and many of us feel we are deserving of. The Bible references long life and quality of life as being tied together and tied to keeping of the Old Testament and New Testament scripture readings. Some of you are saying, “This is absolutely true and for real,” and you have seen firsthand accounts of it and the results of keeping up with it consistently. Now there’s the other half of you who are partially or even totally against it. Keep reading on. I personally have seen the results, speaking as a person who was raised Catholic and a churchgoer but who would waver or fall away, as they say, because I would allow life, work schedules, and my laziness to interfere and draw me away. Many fall prey to that because we are submerged in a lifestyle of desiring things that are pulling us in multiple directions daily.

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad the leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few that find it.” (Matt. 7:13–15, nasb)

The path is selfless love and commitment to the God, who is love itself.

By the time I reached my late forties, life had taken a toll on me, as it does to us all, causing us to harden ourselves to survive; even if we remain good people, after decades on this planet, we lose our true selves. We lose part of the humanity the Lord designed for us to have. I took time to help people, tried not to break the law, and obeyed my parents, for the most part, and all those things that supposedly make us nice people. Like many of you, I worked hard and remained vigilant to my beliefs and responsibilities to myself, family, friends, job, and other life-related things. One night as I was going to bed, I knelt beside the bed and cried out to the Lord, “I give up! I can’t do this anymore. It’s too hard. Like a broken record, life problems and struggles keep coming back over and over again. I need help. Lord, I need your help. I will put you first above everyone and everything— over work, family, friends, everything—and never stop!” …

And for “The Traveler the Beginning” the sci-fi time traveler adventure story;


I sit alone in my home, shielded from the outside world, abandoned by many of my people and hounded by many others. I can hear the sounds of militant forces encroaching into my personal living space. They are in need of answers to questions they are not yet prepared to deal with. I am an outlaw in their eyes, cut off by my own actions. The innocent actions that began a journey of wonder and enlightenment have now forced me into my seclusion. The sounds of helicopters fade in and out as they swoop in, checking the perimeter of my yard, my confines, in hopes of my capture. In the far distance, across my long yard, television and radio crews line the street beyond the boundaries of my property line in either direction. The once-tranquil neighborhood where I live has turned into a form of a battle zone, a mockery of my achievements and significant contributions to mankind’s continuation. It’s still here, an almost deafening silence resounding through the back of my mind while I sit and watch their unrelenting advancements. Outside troops mass on the lawn. Jeeps, men, and tanks tear up my gardens. Bullhorns and walkie-talkies echo orders from commanding officers to penetrate my home and bring me out by force. I am not a criminal and thus will fight to the end for my freedom. The shields are impenetrable to their efforts to reach me, shy of digging deep into my grass and tunneling under the protective barricade I have erected around my home. Over and over they call for me to come out. It’s been going on now for several hours. The year is 2052.

I believe I need take you to the start of my adventures to give you a better perspective of why this is.

The pages you are about to read are taken from my memoirs. An extraordinary event has unfolded itself onto me as part of my own undertaking, an event that captured the minds and hearts of a tiny planet located in a solar system just as small in proportion. I have been time traveling now for a total of 1,500 years, though I am now only sixty-five years old. Much of this time was spent in various centuries living new lives and learning new cultures. I speak over forty languages and fifteen different dialects from this planet alone. In my adventures of time traveling, I have been to the future and to the past. I have been through many dangerous and terrible times, seen so much beauty and glory—more than my words can begin to describe— and beings the like of which my imagination couldn’t begin to fathom…
Thank you Michael for being our guest this week.
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