Sunday 9 February 2020

Six Great Books - Six Great Authors.

So many books, so little time!

Haven't we all heard that before? Or said it ourselves? 

I go to the bookstores and am both overwhelmed and happy that there are so many to chose from. Just give me a couple of lifetimes and maybe... I'll read them all! Not likely.

I'd like to introduce you to a few that impressed me. The Scribbler has done this before - check out the previous Six Great Book posts:

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#1 The Allspice Bath - Sonia Saikaley.

I met Sonia when she was a guest on the Scribbler -  her interview - and she gifted this novel to me. I'm so pleased that she did. It's a well written story. I can't say enough good things about it. She is an award winning, Canadian author from Ottawa.

From Goodreads:

It is 1970. The evergreens are thick with snow despite it being the month of April. In an Ottawa hospital, another daughter is born to the Azar family. The parents are from Kfarmichki, a village in Lebanon but their daughters were born in Canada. Four daughters, to be precise. No sons. Youssef is the domineering father. Samira is the quiescent mother. Rima, Katrina and Mona are the traditional daughters. Then there is Adele, the newest member. "You should've been born a boy," Samira whispers to Adele shortly after her entrance into the world. As she grows, Adele learns there are certain rules Lebanese girls must follow in order to be good daughters. First off, they must learn to cook, master housework, learn Arabic and follow the traditions of their culture. Above all, they must save themselves for marriage. But Adele dreams of being an artist. When she is accepted to the University of Toronto, this is her chance to have a life outside the confines of her strict upbringing. But can she defy her father? When Youssef surprises her with a family trip to her ancestral home, Adele is excited about the journey. In Lebanon, she meets Elias. He is handsome and intelligent and Adele develops feelings for him until Elias confides to her that her unexpected meeting with him was actually a well-devised plan that is both deceitful and shocking.

#2 The Burden of the Protector - S C Eston.

S C Eston - better known as Steve - has been featured  previously with another of his fine novels. I like his writing. I enjoyed this story and if you're into Fantasy, you'll like it too. Steve has also been a guest on the Scribbler - his interview - go to the link and you can read an excerpt from this novel. Steve is definitely an author to watch. He lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

From Goodreads:

Dàr was born to a long line of loyal protectors. He completed his training at a young age and was posted in the Yurita Highlands, a region known for its rugged terrain and frequent earthquakes. His career was very promising, until he stumbled on a strange object in the center of a meadow.

The moment he saw the object, Dàr knew he should report his discovery to the scholars, so they can investigate, so they can make it disappear. But he did not. His decision changed many lives, including his own.

Years later, as Dàr contemplates the whole of his life, he remembers the strange discovery and the choice he made as a young protector. Long buried memories resurface. Now consumed by regret, Dàr wonders if it is too late to make amends.

#3 The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor - Sally Armstrong

This novel was recommended by a good friend. It's a terrific read. Taking place in New Brunswick, Canada in the late 1700's. While it is mainly fiction, it is based on a real person, a distant relative of Ms. Armstrong, the author.  Armstrong captures the difficulties of settling in a new world of Indians, Acadians, the British and Loyalists.

From Goodreads: 

Charlotte Taylor lived in the front row of history. In 1775, at the young age of twenty, she fled her English country house and boarded a ship to Jamaica with her lover, the family’s black butler. Soon after reaching shore, Charlotte’s lover died of yellow fever, leaving her alone and pregnant in Jamaica. In the sixty-six years that followed, she would find refuge with the Mi’kmaq of what is present-day New Brunswick, have three husbands, nine more children and a lifelong relationship with an aboriginal man. Using a seamless blend of fact and fiction, Charlotte Taylor's great-great-great-granddaughter, Sally Armstrong, reclaims the life of a dauntless and unusual woman and delivers living history with all the drama and sweep of a novel.

#4 Emma's Prayer - R A Giggie

I met Renee Ann at a book fair and was intrigued by the beautiful cover and the story. Being adopted myself, the story line held a unique aspect for me. Renee Ann and I swapped novels and I've recently finished her book. There are surprises I wasn't expecting and it is well crafted. I liked this story very much. Renee Ann lives in Moncton, New Brunswick.

From Goodreads:

A teen pregnancy. A couple desperate for a family. A baby awaiting adoption.

When the opportunity presents itself, will Emma Leigh Roberts take back what’s rightfully hers, or will she come to terms with the consequences of her decision?

When Cynthia Adams, a small town speech therapist, suffers another miscarriage,
she and her husband Logan turn to adoption.
They’re delighted when a baby boy is placed in their home.
Is heartbreak inevitable?

#5 Everything in this House Breaks - Sandra Bunting.

I had the pleasure of hearing Sandra read at an author's event. Since then, I received this book from Sandra. It's a collection of short stories. I've always loved short stories and Sandra does it well. I enjoyed it tremendously and am looking forward to reading more of her stories. Sandra will be a guest on the Scribbler in the near future - watch for it. Sandra lives in Miramichi, New Brunswick.

From Goodreads:

This, the second collection of short stories by poet and short fiction author Sandra Bunting, brings us into a world of untold childhood tales, unexpected life twists and even a thriller or two. The stories take the reader from Ireland to Canada and back, with each location depicted in vivid colour and with a warmth and detail typical of her work.
This second collection follows on The Effect of Frost on Southern Vines, Sandra's debut short fiction collection.

Bunting's fiction work, like her poetry, is broad-reaching and has a strong sense of place. It is resonant with personal struggle, yet evinces an earthy humour throughout. Sandra Bunting is based in New Brunswick, Canada




#6 Three Wrongs - Chuck Bowie

This is Book 1 in Bowie's Thief for Hire series. I've read them all and his latest was featured in another Six Great Books post before. Bowie knows how to craft a compelling story.  I like his main character, Mr. Donovan. If you like international thrillers and you're looking for high entertainment, you'll like this series. Chuck has been a guest several times on the Scribbler. First Interview

From Goodreads:

Sean Donovan is doing all right; he has two offshore bank accounts and an American one as well and all three are filling up nicely. His network of clients know his business plan: he is willing to acquire whatever rare or inaccessible product is needed, be it the security plans to an art gallery, a rare Etruscan goblet or a recorded conversation from a former American President. And he will steal it and deliver it to them, no questions asked nor answered.

But he is becoming dissatisfied. In addition to the physical wear and tear inflicted on his body by adversaries, he is now becoming weary of the toll his newly-discovered conscience is exacting from these highly illegal exploits. A series of lies to his most recent client has caused him to think about the impact of his deeds and he doesn’t like how it makes him feel. An idea begins to form; what if he was to undo his last three wrongs? And what if he nevertheless wants to benefit from turning over this new leaf?

This story follows Sean Donovan as he travels from Bucharest to London to Montreal and New York. Will he repent his wicked ways? Will he quit the business before those who he has wronged catch up to him? Will he discover that three wrongs don’t make a right?

I'd like to take a moment to talk about a cool independent bookstore - Cover to Cover in Riverview, New Brunswick.

Owner - Crystal Wolfe - is a great supporter of local authors. It's neat, inviting and a haven for readers and author alike. 

 Check it out!

Thank you dear readers for visiting the Scribbler this week.

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