Saturday 12 September 2020

Six Great Stories. Six Great Authors. Reading suggestions.


Who doesn't love a great story?

It's that time again when the Scribbler makes a few suggestions for your reading pleasure. 

Many of these fine novels come to my via The Miramichi Reader , which is an excellent site for reviews and reading recommendations. Some of the following authors have been guests here on the Scribbler and you can click back to their interviews.

“Reading brings us unknown friends” – HonorĂ© de Balzac

“Once you have read a book you care about, some part of it is always with you.” – Louis L’Amour

#1 Access Point by Tom Gabbay.


"A psychological thriller with compelling explorations of memory, obsession, and identity. Readers will find it an intriguing and entertaining read." - BlueInk Review

When American art student Mia Fraser is brutally murdered steps away from her London house she shares with computer genius Ula Mishkin, it leaves the socially inept scientist heartbroken. When it becomes clear that Detective Sarah Boyd is making no progress in solving the crime using traditional methods, Ula creates a software program that allows her to reach into her dead housemates memory in order to reveal the identity of the killer. Entering the dead girls life through the echo of her memory, Ula learns that sometimes the past is best left undisturbed.

Tom Gabby was a guest on the Scribbler. Read his interview HERE.

Review on The Miramichi Reader HERE.

#2 The Apprenticeship of Molly Chant by Jeanette Winsor.


Hanging for witchcraft has been outlawed in Ireland for centuries…

Sixteen-year-old Molly Chant faces the noose, a punishment unheard of in 1869. Her one chance for escape is to follow her friend, Mick, to a ship ready to sail to the desolate island of Newfoundland. But, crossing the vast, angry ocean to the colonies could be a new kind of death sentence.

Her only hope for redemption is in the tiny outport of Silver Cape Cove, where she struggles for a balance between her healing powers and the superstitious ignorance she encounters there. Will she find a new family and acceptance or become the pariah everyone believes her to be?

Jeanette Winsor has been a guest on the Scribbler. Read her interview HERE.

Read the review from The Miramichi Reader HERE.

#3 Death between the Walls by Alexa Bowie.


Not much happens in the tiny town of Newcastle. At least, not until Emma returns from Toronto to claim her inheritance: a stately arts and cultural center. Since taking up residence in the center, Emma Andrews has gotten used to finding things just a little off-kilter. Her tenants, for example, are convinced she may have killed the town manager (but they still love her). The new town manager is determined to have her evicted (but he would still love to date her). And there’s the little matter of a coyote – or is it a wolf? – that shows up at the most interesting of times. Trouble in the form of a dark secret gathers momentum, swirling around her like Dorothy’s tornado, and threatens to carry her away. The arts and culture center holds a link to the past, together with a crime that just won’t remain hidden. Helping Emma avoid disaster are a couple of handsome police officers, a new-old best friend, her feisty namesake aunt, and a Manse filled with eccentric, talented artists. Emma has to get to the bottom of this. Will her new friends be enough to keep her safe? Or will Emma’s Manse become her final resting place?

Watch the Scribbler for more about Alexa and the stories - October 17, 2020.

Amazon review HERE.

The Miramichi Reader review HERE.

#4 Montbel by Angela Wren.


A re-examination of a closed police case brings investigator, Jacques ForĂȘt, up against an old adversary. After the murder of a key witness, Jacques finds himself, and his team, being pursued.

When a vital piece of evidence throws a completely different light on Jacques' case, his adversary becomes more aggressive, and Investigating Magistrate Pelletier threatens to sequester all of Jacques papers and shut down the case.

Can Jacques find all the answers before Pelletier steps in?

I'm a big fan of Wren's cozy mysteries. This is the third in a series. Her protagonist is Jacques LaForet and he's a very cool character.

My review HERE.

Review by Vanessa Couchman HERE.

Angela has been a guest on the Scribbler. Read her interview HERE.

#5 Secret Sky by JP McLean.


An intrepid young woman. An incredible gift. A terrible price to pay.

Emelynn Taylor's gift didn't come wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow, nor can it ever be returned. Now, it’s taken over her life. It strikes without warning, strips her of gravity and sends her airborne, unchecked.

Haunted by terrifying flights she can’t control, Emelynn vows to take command of her dangerous gift. She returns to the seaside cottage where it all began. Here, she discovers an underground society whose members share her hidden ability, and a man who sends her heart soaring.

But the deeper Emelynn gets pulled into this secret society, the more she questions their motives. Are they using the gift for good or for evil? Unravelling the truth will plunge Emelynn into a fight for her freedom—and her life.

The first book in The Gift Legacy series, Secret Sky is a thriller that skirts the edges of reality in a world within our own. Buckle up and escape the ordinary: take flight with Emelynn Taylor.

My revieHERE.

Review by Author Diana Stevan HERE.

I enjoyed this story a lot. Jo-Anne has been a guest on the Scribbler. Read her post HERE.

#6 Guilty Innocence by Maggie James.


When Natalie snoops through her boyfriend Mark’s possessions she finds more than she bargained for. Mark was once convicted of a brutal killing. Heartbroken by what she has discovered, Natalie’s dreams of a future with him collapse.

However, Mark was not the only person sentenced for the murder of two-year-old Abby Morgan. His former friend, the violent and twisted Adam Campbell, was also convicted and Adam knows more about the murder than he will admit.

When circumstances thrust Mark back in contact with Adam, the past comes back to haunt him. Can Mark ever break free from Adam? Will the truth ever come out?

Review by Booklover Catlady HERE.

Review by Kath Middleton HERE.

Maggie has been a guest on the Scribbler. Read her interview HERE.

Here's one you might want to check out.

The Alexanders Vol. 1 1911 -1920

Historical fiction by Allan Hudson.


In the turbulent waters off Saltcoats, Scotland, Danny Alexander dies in a boating accident. He leaves behind a wife, seven children and no hope. Dominic is the middle child. With a broken heart, his mother is forced to leave him with his bachelor uncle, Duff. None of them are happy with the decision.
Eleven-year-old Dominic Alexander must earn his keep. There are no free rides. Yet despite the difficulties, he finds his place in the structured world of his uncle and overcomes his loneliness.
Fortune and misfortune follow the young man until adversity forces him to make a decision that will affect the rest of his life. Is emigrating to Canada the answer?

More info HERE.

Get your copy HERE.

Thank you to all you wonderful readers for visiting today. I hope you will give some of these fine stories a chance. 

Please tell us your favorite recommendations.

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