Saturday, 22 July 2017

4Q Interview with Artist Melanie Belliveau.

The Scribbler is excited to have Melanie as our special guest this week. She is a very talented artist that resides in Cocagne, New Brunswick where she maintains a studio, operating under the business name of Melbelivo Art. She has agreed to answer several questions for us. 
(Photos of Melanie are by Janik Robichaud Photography. Copyright of drawings is held by Melbelivo Art and used with permission)

4Q: Your artwork is stunning and so real. When did you take an interest in drawing?

MB: Thanks so much Allan! I took an interest in drawing as early as I could hold a pencil! I was always fascinated with Walt Disney’s works, not only for the magic of them and how they made me feel, but also for the technique of his artwork… I would draw cartoons inspired by him all the time. At one point I even dreamed of working for Walt Disney Studios. Eventually my drawing would get me in trouble at school because I was always doodling on my schoolwork! Haha

Many doodles and cartoons later, I realized in high school that my passion lied in realism drawing. I created many realism drawings until I was about 19 years old… I then opted for the safe route and pursued a career in marketing and sales. I always wondered what would have happened if I had decided to pursue art… so I started drawing again last year.

4Q: Tell us about Melbelivo Art, your studio, your work habits and what inspires you.

MB: Well last Fall after a 14-year hiatus, I decided to dust off my old art supplies and draw. I instantly fell in love with drawing all over again and I haven’t stopped since! The last 8 months have been amazing. The amount of support I have received from my hometown, my family and friends has been overwhelming and I couldn’t be more grateful.  

I made myself an art studio so I could have a functional creative space. (Also I had sort of taken over the kitchen table ha-ha) I love drawing at night when the rest of the world is asleep, there’s a peaceful feeling and I find it easier to draw. I spend a lot of time on marketing and networking during the day.

I consider myself to be a huge music nerd, so I love drawing music legends that have inspired me through the years. I also love drawing faces, so I often pick celebrities or famous actors, etc. to draw because I love challenging myself with accuracy. I aim for hyper-realism, so the more realistic I can make them, the better.


4Q: Please share a childhood anecdote or memory.

MB: I am told my first drawing ever was on my father’s expensive sound system with a banana when I was still in diapers (oops)


4Q: What does the future hold for Melanie Belliveau, the artist?

MB: Everything is still fairly new, but I am looking at starting commissioned work soon. I would love to take on custom projects as I have received many requests and am starting to feel more comfortable with my workflow after a 14-year break. I will announce on my social media when I decide to open my books. In the meantime, I am selling limited edition prints of my current works which can be found on my Facebook page, Melbelivo Art. I will also have a booth at this year’s Hub City Tattoo Expo to showcase my art.



You can discover more about Melanie and her work by going here.


Thank you Melanie for being our guest this week and sharing your delightful sketches. Wishing you continued success with your art.


Thanks for having me Allan!
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  1. Terrific interview, Allan. Melanie's work is outstanding ...


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