Saturday 19 December 2020

Santa Clause Interviews. From the North Pole.

 Good news: Hey, it's almost Christmas again.

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Bad news: Due to the pandemic and the craziness of 2020, there will be no new interview with Mr. Clause this year. 

Santa's world at the "Pole" has been turned upside down and the preparations for distributing gifts must follow strict guidelines for visiting people's homes has kept him, the Mrs. and all the elves exceptionally busy.

But don't worry fans of Mr. Clause and SBS. We are digging the past interviews from our archives and we present those to you this week for your enjoyment. 

The original Interview from December 2014 - read it HERE.

The second interview from December 2017 - read it HERE.

The third interview from December, 2018 - read it HERE

And last year's interview - December 2019 - read it HERE.

It's been an awesome year for the Scribbler. So many great guests. So many wonderful authors, artists, photographers and musicians. My heartfelt thank you for being our guest, for making the Scribbler and interesting spot to visit. 

Anyone wanting to take a peek at the five most popular guest visits in 2020, please follow these links:


#1 - Thriller Author MJ LaBeff of Arizona - 1910 page views to date - Wow! Read her interview HERE.

#2  - Author Jeanette Winsor of Belize City, Belize - 639 page views to date. Read her interview HERE.

#3 -  Author Jennifer Irwin of Los Angeles - 566 page views to date. Read her interview HERE

#4 - Author Heather McBriarty of Saint John, NB - 503 page view to date. Read her interview HERE.

#5 - Editor & Song Writer Karin Nicely of Florida - 499 page views. Read her interview HERE.

Thank you guest authors and artists. Thank you to all my visitors. 

Watch for these terrific guests coming in the New Year:

Author, poet & visual artist David Skyrie of Shediac, NB

Author Guglielmo  D'Izzia of Italy.

Author Diane McGyver of Nova Scotia.

Author Ian McKinley of New Brunswick.

Author A J Alexander.

Merry Christmas to you all. Happy Holidays. Happy New Year.

Please be kind. Be safe.

And, last but not least - the real Mrs. Clause!



  1. Nice page Allan. Love the cartoons. Something to brighten the dark Covid skies ... now, about that contract and the tape measure ...

  2. Thank you for stopping by Roger. Santa, I think, will be up for re-negotiations.


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