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Six Great Books – Six Great Authors.


Good bye 2020. 

We won’t shed too many tears watching 2020 fade into our past. As dismal as some days have been, there are always great stories to get us through the tedium of isolation.

6GB-6GA is back. The Scribbler intends to offer our readers some recommendations twice a year.

If you are looking for new authors or their latest work, check out these lists from previous posts.

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#1 – Access Point by Thomas Gabbay.


Let’s start with a story that really grabbed me from page 1. I read this novel in one sitting. It’s addictive.  Terrific story from an accomplished author.


The following is from Goodreads:


"A psychological thriller with compelling explorations of memory, obsession, and identity. Readers will find it an intriguing and entertaining read." - BlueInk Review

When American art student Mia Fraser is brutally murdered steps away from her London house, she shares with computer genius Ula Mishkin, it leaves the socially inept scientist heartbroken. When it becomes clear that Detective Sarah Boyd is making no progress in solving the crime using traditional methods, Ula creates a software program that allows her to reach into her dead housemate’s memory in order to reveal the identity of the killer. Entering the dead girl’s life through the echo of her memory, Ula learns that sometimes the past is best left undisturbed.


Read my review of Access Point on The Miramichi Reader HERE.

Read Tom’s 4Q Interview on the Scribbler HERE.



#2. Montbel by Angela Wren.


This is Angela’s third instalment in her captivating Jacques Foret series and my third recommendation on the 6GB posts. I love this series. If you want to dig into a cozy mystery, this is a good one to follow.


From Goodreads:

A clear-cut case?

A re-examination of a closed police case brings investigator, Jacques Forêt, up against an old adversary. After the murder of a key witness, Jacques finds himself, and his team, being pursued.

When a vital piece of evidence throws a completely different light on Jacques' case, his adversary becomes more aggressive, and Investigating Magistrate Pelletier threatens to sequester all of Jacques papers and shut down the case.

Can Jacques find all the answers before Pelletier steps in?

Read the complete Jaques Forêt Mystery series:
Messandrierre (#1)
Merle (#2)
Montbel (#3)

Angela's first two novels in this series has been featured in two previous 6GB-6GA and has also been featured on the Scribbler with a 4Q Interview. Please go HERE.




#3. Death Between the Walls by Alexa Bowie.


Another cozy mystery from an established New Brunswick author writing under a pseudonym. Delightful beginning to what we believe will be a popular series. I enjoyed this novel.



Not much happens in the tiny town of Newcastle. At least, not until Emma returns from Toronto to claim her inheritance: a stately arts and cultural center. Since taking up residence in the center, Emma Andrews has gotten used to finding things just a little off-kilter. Her tenants, for example, are convinced she may have killed the town manager (but they still love her). The new town manager is determined to have her evicted (but he would still love to date her). And there’s the little matter of a coyote – or is it a wolf? – that shows up at the most interesting of times. Trouble in the form of a dark secret gathers momentum, swirling around her like Dorothy’s tornado, and threatens to carry her away. The arts and culture center holds a link to the past, together with a crime that just won’t remain hidden. Helping Emma avoid disaster are a couple of handsome police officers, a new-old best friend, her feisty namesake aunt, and a Manse filled with eccentric, talented artists. Emma has to get to the bottom of this. Will her new friends be enough to keep her safe? Or will Emma’s Manse become her final resting place?

Read the review from The Miramichi Reader HERE.

#4 Deficiency by SC Eston. 

I’m a huge fan of Eston’s writing. He weaves terrific fantasy tales and Deficiency is his debut venture into science-fiction (sci-fi) It did not let me down. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

From Goodreads:

How far would you go to keep your dreams alive?

On the arid planet of Garadia floats Prominence City, an oasis of abundance and technological marvels. For Keidi and Artenz, life is good. Each day, they work hard to fulfill their role in sustaining Prominence. In return, they share an existence without worry or want, their every need attended to by the ruling corporations, their lives enhanced by a virtual reality accessible with a simple thought.

But when a dear friend of Keidi suddenly goes missing, their idyllic existence begins to crumble. And when they start asking questions—the wrong questions, questions that reveal cracks in Prominence’s perfect image—the powerful corporations of Prominence take notice.

Now, Keidi and Artenz must choose: do they stay in Prominence and risk the wrath of the corporations, or do they take their chances and run for the Lowlands, a bleak and mysterious place hidden beneath Prominence—if it even exists at all.

Steve has recently been a guest on the Scribbler previously, as well as being featured on 6GB twice with his first two novels. His latest visit has him chatting about Deficiency and how he came to write the novel. Go HERE. 

#5. Last Fall’s Hunted by MJ LaBeff. (Book #2 in the Last Cold Case series)

MJ has been a popular guest on the Scribbler and her thriller stories have unique and captivating detectives, as well as intriguing story lines. Another successful series by an accomplished author. Book #1 in the series was recommended in a previous 6GB-6GA. 

From Goodreads:

Homicide Detective Rachel Hood and FBI Agent Nick Draven hunt for a serial killer harvesting kidney from his victims’ corpses during the fall equinox.

A dismembered body is found in Kill Buck Wildlife area in Snug Harbor, Ohio, and the discovery of two more victims within a twelve-mile radius suggests a sadistic killer's return. Homicide Detective Rachel Hood, a psychic empath, joins forces with psychic FBI Agent Nick Draven to hunt for a killer who harvests kidneys from his victims' corpses. But, why strike twenty years later? They draw a parallel between his first crime and the recent murders. His first victim was murdered in 1991 during the rare occurrence of the super harvest moon, an event that will happen this year and fuel his blood lust to kill again.

Time is not on their side. Hood and Draven have five days to find the killer before the next full moon rises and another teenage girl is found murdered and missing her kidneys.

Drawn into a hunt for a serial killer, more deranged and dangerous than any other she’s tracked and captured before, Hood finds herself unable to control her psychic empathy, and Draven must work fast to help her catch this human hunter before she becomes his next casualty.

MJ was recently a returning guest on The Scribbler and she chats about her writing. If you missed it, please go HERE.

#6. Blindshot by Denis Coupal.

This novel has garnered many great reviews and after reading it, it is clear why. A marvellous debut novel from an author to watch for.

From Goodreads:

When financier Paul Carignan is hit by a stray bullet and killed in Beaufort, Quebec, the town leaders seem reluctant to investigate. Running out of patience, his teenage sons, Jack and Noah, take justice into their own hands -- and kidnap the locals they suspect are responsible. Things soon erupt and the boys find themselves besieged in their house with their captives. In the middle is their mother, Catherine, not sure which side to take. For Tom 'Brooder' Doran, Beaufort's Deputy Chief of Police, the investigation has just gotten very complicated. One thing's for sure, this sleepy town is in for a fiery shakeup.

Denis has also been a guest on the Scribbler and he chats about his novel. If you missed it, please go HERE..

The splendid review from The Miramichi Reader is HERE.

By only having six books featured, it leaves quite a few novels that I haven’t mentioned that deserve recognition. Treat these as Honourable Mentions:


The Ginseng Conspiracy by Susan Bernhardt.  GOODREADS SBS Visit

Sisters of War by Lana Kortchik. GOODREADS. SBS visit coming soon.

Northern Survival by Diane McGyver. GOODREADS 4Q coming January 16th. The Miramichi Reader Review HERE.

Danny and MJ by Suzanne Bourgeois Casey. GOODREADS. SBS Visit.



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